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Bug Watcher

Self-service notifications in email or in-app - follow the changes important for you and get rid of the junk

JIRA Email This Issue

Email collaboration and email service desk made easy - send and receive emails with support for external users



Would you like to optimize your development processes, want to power up your dev team or have special needs? We do not leave you alone with these challenges. Our support and expertise is immediately available to you.


Boost your Atlassian product skills with our courses that shorten the learning curve dramatically. Enjoy the experience of quickly becoming power user of Atlassian's fantastic products.

Add-on Development

Do you have special requirements and have not found a solution yet? Our engineers are ready to build the missing pieces. Dozens of add-ons we've already built guarantee that your needs will be fulfilled. Contact us, we'll help.


We resell Atlassian product and add-on licences around the world  - request a quote to try us! Sending a quote is quick and easy, while the benefits we give you for your order are of huge value.

About Us

We are Atlassian gurus and fanatics. We learn, talk, collaborate, develop, help and dream big with anything Atlassian. And we do it with passion.


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