Add Signature with Company Logo to Emails

Email This Issue email templates may render corporate signatures with logos, text and name of the current user. Add a similar code fragment to your template and have a dynamic email signature with company logo.

<p>Best Regards, <br />
<img width="100px" src="..."></p>
<p>META-INF - Passionate Atlassian Experts since 2007<br />
Tel.: +36 30 515 4464, Web:, Skype: tibor.hegyi
<ul style="color:blue;">
<li>We sell Atlassian licences globally - request a quote to try us</li>
<li>We never leave you alone – training, support and consultancy is at hand</li>
<li>We fulfill your needs – customized solutions seasoned with proficiency</li>
<li>We make your work highly efficient – through our popular free and commercial add-ons</li>

This results in the email signature as shown below:

The <img width="100px" src="..."> in the template is the base64 encoded company logo image. 
You can use online Base64 image encoders to generate base64 string from images.