Bug Watcher Notifications Features

Self-service notifications in email or in-app - follow the changes important for you and get rid of the junk

In-App Notifications

If you are tired of switching contexts away from JIRA to read notifications, simply enable in-app notifications in your projects. Bug Watcher aims at keeping your focus on your issues (JIRA) you work with and at minimizing interruptions caused by emails. List, search, organize and mark your notifications quickly.

Issue Watchers Custom Field

Bug Watcher comes with a custom field type called Issue Watchers. Custom fields of this type allows you to add watchers during issue creation and set special watchers like external email addresses, project roles and user groups in the issue.

1500+ User Votes Fulfilled

Bug Watcher Notifications for JIRA is an add-on that lets you manage your notification preferences in in many new ways. It fulfills more than 1000 (!) user votes on JAC. This makes it unique in the add-on ecosystem.

Self Service Notifications

Configure your own notification preferences. Select the event types for yourself like issue created, issue updated etc to learn what important changes were made to the issues and opt out from receiving unimportant notifications.

Manage Project Watchers

Having Manage Watchers permissions, you can easily manage watchers of the JIRA projects. Project Watchers may include users, external email addresses, project roles and user groups.

Indirect Notifications

Bug watcher allows you to follow indirect changes. Indirect changes are made to subtasks or linked issues of an issue you are watching. Linked issues may be in a different project. This is a very useful feature to not miss anything that may influence your issues.

Watch Projects or Filters

Do not set yourself as a watcher of all issues in a project, watch the entire project easily. Or target your watching precisely like a sniper by watching your filters to get notifications on what interests you the most.

Special Watchers Including External Users

Bug Watcher allows you to configure special watchers for projects and issues. Special watchers include external users (email addresses), project roles and groups additionally to users.

Bulk Watch / Bulk Add Watchers

Bug Watcher allows you to do bulk watch or bulk unwatch from the issues in your issue navigator. You can also add watchers to multiple issues.