Bulk Email Sending

This is an old documentation

This documentation page is valid upto version 7.0.28 of Email This Issue.

For 7.1 and later versions, the documentation is in a new location.

Do you have to notify external reporters of all issues of a release you achived? Are you tired of doing it one-by-one?

JETI's Bulk Email operation allows you to send multiple issues in a short series of steps from your issue navigator.

Bulk Email operation

The operation may be invoked from the Navigator's action bar.


You step through the series of actions you are already familiar with if you ever used JIRA's bulk operations.


Step 1: select your issue you want to send

Step 2: Compose your email

Compose your email the usual way by setting recipients, content and options.

Step 3: Confirm your action to prevent accidents

Number of emails

JETI sends a single email to all recipients in contrast to JIRA that sends separate emails.

This means if you send N issues to M recipients for an issue, JETI sends N emails, while JIRA sends N x M emails.

Therefore JETI is more resource friendly and will not kill your email server with thousands of emails sent.