Canned Responses


This is an old documentation

This documentation page is valid upto version 7.0.28 of Email This Issue.

For 7.1 and later versions, the documentation is in a new location.

Original feature request: JETI-166

Canned Responses are predefined response texts that allows you to quickly pick them when an email is being composed and sent.

Manage Canned Responses

The Responses tab in the JETI Configuration screen lists all your available responses. It allows you to create, edit or remove them.

Pick a Response

When you compose an email, you can pick a canned response and add its text to the mail body. 

Categorizing Responses


It is possible (though optional) to add a category label for a response.

When used, responses is grouped by the category label in the response dropdown in the Email screen.

Limit Responses in Contexts


You can enable/disable responses in the Contexts and if enabled, you can select the response categories you want to use in the email screen.

Select response categories in Contexts.