This is an old documentation

This documentation page is valid upto version 7.0.28 of Email This Issue.

For 7.1 and later versions, the documentation is in a new location.

Configuration of JETI is a set of global default values, permissions and restrictions.

Global Default Values

You can configure global default values of email recipients, email options and comment options.

The global defaults are applied in all scenarios when:


  • you send a single issue
  • you send multiple issues
  • email is sent from the post-function
  • email is sent from issue events


Users may be able to override the default values and set their own preferences if you allow this (see below).


Permissions and Restrictions

Permissions determine who can send issues in emails from the view issue screen or from the issue navigator. Permissions are not applied when emails are sent from the post-function or upon issue events, but only in cases when users are sending emails manually.

Permissions may include project roles and groups.

With restrictions you can exclude project roles, groups and custom fields from possible values of recipients. You can use this to prevent cases like emails being sent to all JIRA users unintentionally.

Other settings

In other settings you can specify the following attributes:

  • Issue event to fire when an email is sent via JETI in all cases (operation, bulk, post-function, notifications)
  • Allow or disallow users to override global default values (see above)
  • Allow or disallow emails being sent to users not auhtorized to browse the project of the issue being sent