Configure Self Service Notifications

Self Service Notifications is a term we use for the situation when end users can fully control their notification preferences. Admins or Project Admins do not enforce notification rules (or keep them to the very minimum) and end users configure for what events upon whch issues how they want to get notified.

Step-by-step guide

  1. As a project admin: 
    1. Remove Project Notification Scheme from the projects or configure the bare minimum you need.
    2. Open Bug Watcher Configuration and enable notification overrule in the projects and allow Anyone to set personal notification schemes
  2. As an end user: 
    1. create a JIRA filter that returns the issues you want to follow. Save the filter and start watching it.
    2. open the Watches tab of all projects you are interested in, and configure
      1. method of notification: Email, In-App or Both
      2. issue events you are interested in
      3. enable or disable indirect notifications
      4. optionally watch the whole project if appropriate

Following these steps, you give notification controls to the end users who can precisely define the scope of issues, the context of events and the method of notifications. This is self service notificaiton.

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