Confluence Pagetree Word Exporter

Content Exporter for Confluence

A new, completely rewritten version of Pagetree Word Exporter has been released with more features than ever.

Find more information on our new product here: Content Exporter


"Export complete page trees to Word" is a feature missing from Confluence. The free and easy solution is this plugin.

Confluence Pagetree Word Exporter allows you to export complete pagetrees to Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer.

  • The export is done via an operation in the Tools menu.
  • Only pages where users have View permissions assigned are exported.
  • The export is not implemented as a long operation, so you won't see a progress information just like during the PDF or HTML export.
  • Word template can be customized. Extract pageTreeWordExport.vm from the jar file, create directory $CONFLUENCE_HOME/WEB-INF/classes/templates and copy the files here. After any customization you make to this file, Confluence must be restarted.
  • Order of children pages reflect ordering in Confluence. Alphabetical or manual.


Look up the plugin in Confluence's Plugin Manager and click Install.

You can find the plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace, where a review or rating from you is welcome.