Content Exporter

(formerly called Pagetree Word Exporter)

This page is obsolate. Please visit here for the latest documentation:



Content Exporter for Confluence is the complete reimplementation of our formerly called add-on Pagetree Word Exporter in a commercial model.

Content Exporter allows you to

  • export your Confluence pages (later Blog posts as well) or complete page trees
  • select the pages to export individually or filter them by labels
  • choose your preferred export format (DOC or PDF)
  • set various export options like Cover page
  • repeat your last export with a single click

Support for Atlassian Cloud

Content Exporter brings easy, customizable export features to Confluence Cloud. This is the first add-on for Confluence Cloud that makes exports customizable in the cloud.

Why we turned to the commercial model

The growing community of the Pagetree Word Exporter users has long demanded new features, official support and support for the Atlassian Cloud platform. And here we are, we have listened to you and have come up with solutions. 

What has changed and what we give you:

  • Pagetree Word Exporter has been renamed as Content Exporter indicating a change in features and concepts

  • From version 4.0, you'll have to pay for the licenses to use Content Exporter

  • The free version of Pagetree Word Exporter as is will not be removed from the Marketplace but we will not add new features to it and we won't fix bugs .

  • Content Exporter will be released regularly and bring fantastic new features with every release

  • We will provide official support for Content Exporter 4.0 and later versions

  • Support for Atlassian Cloud platform is already available

In order to provide you with high quality solutions, bring new features both the Server and Cloud platforms and secure the operation with fast and official support, we had to make Content Exporter commercial. 

Commercial does not necessarily mean expensive. We tried to keep prices as affordable as possible and offer promotions to change from the free to commercial model.

Promotion for current users

A price change from 0 to as low as Content Export's prices is still significant despite the lots of benefits that come with the new product.

To make this step even easier we offer the below promotion:

  • current users of the free version receive 25% percent discount of the new prices
  • please contact us to request your promotion URL
  • the promotion ends on September 30, 2015.