Content Exporter - Export Confluence Pages

This page is obsolate. Please visit here for the latest documentation:

Content Exporter's main goal is to export your Confluence content easily and in a customizable manner both in the Server and Cloud platforms.

Find Export Menu

Once installed with a valid license key, new menu items will appear in the Tools menu of your Confluence pages.

Two menu items will show up:

  • Export: opens the Export Dialog
  • Export with last settings: exports the pages with the last settings the export was executed. If the page has not been exported yet, it opens the export dialog.

Export Dialog

By clicking the Export menu, the Content Exporter Export Dialog opens.

The dialog offers content selection and export options.

Export the Current Page

Open the Content tab in the dialog and select "Current page only" in the dropdown field.

Export multiple pages

You can export the whole page tree starting from the current page by selecting "Selected page" in the dropdown field. All pages will be listed and preselected.

Include and exclude pages by checking or unchecking the checkbox next to the pages. Checking a page will check all child pages as well.

Select Pages by Label Filtering

You can export pages in the tree that has a certain label. Select "Selected pages" in the dropdown field and enter your labels in "Filter by labels". Hit Enter or click Apply to execute the filter.

Pages having either of the labels entered will be selected. Labels must be separated spaces or commas. Click Clear to remove the current filter.

Set Export Options

Content Exporter allows you to choose your output format (currently PDF and DOC are supported) and add a cover page to the export document.

Export options are reflected in the footer section of the dialog.

Executing the Export

If you click Export, the export process is started in the background. You'll see a progress message. The document downloads automatically once it is complete.

Exported Documents in Word or PDF

Repeat Last Export

There are two ways to repeat your last export with the same settings. 

  • Either open the Export dialog and click Export: the export dialog reloads the last settings every time it opens.
  • Click the "Export with last settings" menu item that immediately starts the export


Export Settings are Remembered

Your export settings are stored and reloaded automatically. The export settings are associated with the page you start the export from. For other pages you may have completely different settings.

Export settings are specific to the user, your settings are not reloaded for another user.