Content Exporter - Frequently Asked Questions

This page is obsolate. Please visit here for the latest documentation:


Why is the export button greyed out?

Because you have not chosen any pages. Please select at least one page to activate the export button.

How can I change the export template?

 Currently we have only one template. You can change the export template in future versions. We recommend you watch our addon via its Marketplace page.

How can I export blog posts?

In this version you can export only pages, but we are planning to implement this feature in future versions. We recommend you watch our addon via its Marketplace page.

How can I check the export attributes before exporting?

 At the left bottom corner of the export dialog you can find a summary of export parameters

How can I export the full space?

 Start the export from the root page of your space, and choose "Selected pages" content options, and mark the checkbox of the root page

Spaces with multiple root pages cannot be exported in one step. We are adding support for exports of spaces with more root pages in upcoming versions. We recommend you watch our addon via its Marketplace page.

Cover Page

What is the content of cover page?

At the top of the page with central alignment

    • Page header
    • Page version number


At the left buttom of the page

    • Creator
    • Creation date
    • Last modifier
    • Last modification date
    • Export date

How can I change the cover page?

Currently we have only one built-in template, so can not change it. Template support is coming soon in upcoming versions. We recommend you watch our addon via its Marketplace page.

Output Format

What is the naming convention of the exported files?

The name of the exported file is 


Restricted pages

Why a restricted page can not be exported although page restrictions allow viewing the page?

Problem: I added the Content Exporter Addon user to the page restrictions, so should be able to view the page (as the manual described here), but the export is not working.

Solution: Modifying the page restrictions requires reindexing the page with all child pages, as well as comments and attachments on all those pages, and it may take some time, especially when the page hierarchy is complex. If you want to apply page restrictions immediately, please contact your system administrator and ask him/her to do a reindex, and try the export again. Find further details here:

Questions of Administrators

Sometimes I get an error during the export, but I don't know why.

One of the reason of this error can be the lack of memory. During export your Confluence needs a little bit more memory than normal production use. Please check - or ask your system administrator to check - the available HEAP memory of the installed Confluence Server and add some more memory (if it is possible). We really recommend to run your Confluence instance with at least 2GB of memory. Larger instances with lots of spaces, attachment, or restricted pages may need - of course - much more memory.

I got an error message saying "Sorry, download failed! Please contact your administrator! Error identifier: xxxxxxxxxxx". What should I do?

In this case please send us an error report containing

  • the identifier of the error
  • the time of the error
  • a print screen of your page

and we will investigate you as soon as possible.