Content Exporter - Server and Cloud Platforms

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Content Exporter supports both the Atlassian Server and Cloud platforms.

It is available as a traditional add-on running in your Confluence instance behid the firewall and as a cloud add-on service that is running on our servers and embedded into your Confluence Cloud.


Either using Content Exporter as a server add-on or cloud add-on, there are two ways to install it:

  • Open Confluence Plugin Manager, click Find Add-ons, sesarch and install Content Exporter
  • Open the Marketplace page and click the buttons Buy it now or Try it free.
  • 30 days of evaluation is available in both platforms

Release Notes

The release notes of Content Exporter with all versions released is here: Content Exporter - Release Notes

Cloud Platform

If you use Content Exporter in Confluence Cloud, it will run on our own servers in the Cloud.

We operate our Cloud add-ons using Amazon AWS services.

Please find our Data Security and Privacy statement for details on our commitments and see the details specific to Content Exporter below.

Content Exporter Specific Details of our Data Security and Privacy Statement

This section explains the product specific points of our public and general statement.

Data Storage and Location

Content Exporter does not store any personal data (such as names or email addresses and the like).

Data Portability

As Content Exporter itself does not store relevant data, it does not need to be migrated between the Cloud and Server platforms. Simply install the latest version of Content Exporter in the target platform with a valid license key.