Email Templates

This is an old documentation

This documentation page is valid upto version 7.0.28 of Email This Issue.

For 7.1 and later versions, the documentation is in a new location.

Email templates have always been at the core of JETI. The ability to customize email templates and use different templates per project and/or issue type was part of 1.0 version.

Version 5.1 has made the development of custom email templates easier than ever by introducing the built-in template editor feature. Using the template editor, you can easily add new templates, tailor them to your needs, test and publish them for use.

Add New Templates

Start from the Templates tab of the configuration page.

You can select the base template of your new template. You can choose from JIRA's default email templates (Issue Created, Updated, etc templates) or choose the Default template. The chosen base template's content is preloaded in the template editor.

Edit Templates

 Templates have five major attributes:

  • name (mandatory)
  • description (optional)
  • subject template
  • HTML body template
  • Text body template


The subject and body templates are developed using Velocity Macro syntax. They may include values of issue fields and custom fields.

Field Picker

To add fields to your subject or mail body templates, you can use the "Field Picker" control. Pick a field from the list then copy and paste the velocity code to the template to have the value of the field rendered in the email. You can add issue or custom fields directly to the template using $customFieldManager and $issue in the Velocity Context. The Field Picker just makes this a lot easier.

The "Field Picker" drop down contains:

  • Email Fields: mail body the user enters and mail subject the user enters manually
  • Issue Fields: all standard issue attributes
  • Custom Fields: all custom fields

Test Templates

Once you developed your template, it is wise to test it before you start to use it in you projects. Select the "Test" operation from the template list (see first screenshot above).

Enter the key of the issue you want to test the template with. Enter some subject text and mail body then click Send. An email will be sent to your email address.

SINCE VERSION 6.2.1 you can Preview a template that makes prototyping much faster. Click the Preview button...

... and receive the preview in a Dialog:

Use Templates

Once your template is complete and correct, you must "publish" it by adding it to Contexts where it will be applied.


Email Tricks

Enhance your template with complex content, email signature etc.