Email This Issue Features

Email collaboration and email service desk made easy - send and receive emails with support for external users

Send Issues in Email to Anyone

Send emails manually via the Email button in the issue view or automatically as event notifications or workflow transitions. Specify a wide range of recipients such as JIRA user, external email addresses, issue collaborators, project roles, user groups and even custom fields.

Emails support inline images and issue attachments as email attachments.

Workflow Transitions

Send emails upon status changes in your issues. Add Email This Issue Workflow Post Funciton to your transition to send emails when somehing important happens, only to those recipients who are interested in the changes. Attach issue attachments to the emails, customize email layout and content.

Integrated with JEditor

JEditor is supported for both sending and receiving emails. Compose beautiful rich text emails with inline images using JEditor. Keep formatting and layout with inline images of the emails when you create issues using Email This Issue Mail Handler. Issue description will look as close to the original email as possible.

Email Log

Keep track of all incoming and outgoing emails related to the issues. Open the Email tab in the issue view to see a chronological list of emails. Admins can track all emails sent or received from the Configuration page.


Control who can send issues in emails from JIRA. If needed, disable the use of external email addresses or recipients without permissions to view the issue in JIRA.

Send Emails Automatically

Additionally to the Email button displayed in the issue view, you can automate email sending in two ways: event notifications and workflow transiitons.

Event Notifications

Email This Issue Event Notifications can do everything that JIRA Notification Schemes do but also offer you lot more. Such as fully customizable email content, issue attachments attached to email, JQL filter support to make notifications conditional, various email options.

Auto-acknowledge Incoming Emails

Acknowledge the receipt of emails with an automatic acknowledgent email that is sent to the sender of the incoming email when the email is processed. You can use arbitrary email templates to generate the acknowledgment emails.

JQL Functions

Search for issues that has ever been sent in email or that has been created or commented by email.

Process Incoming Emails

Process incoming emails with Email This Issue Mail Handler. Various email processing strategies that are not available in JIRA are configurable in Email This Issue. And more to come.

Initialize issue fields with data extracted from the email. Find related issues for emails with custom logic. Fire events, save email addresses, configure multiple regexes to split off old content.

Use JEditor and create issues or comments with embedded images and formatting from emails.

Email Templates

Use the embedded template editor to create beautifully looking HTML and clear Text templates. Use issue fields or custom fields in the email body or even in the subject. Field Picker helps you embed complex structures like comments, issue linking information and email log in the outgoing emails.

Save Senders and Recipients in Custom Fields

Email This Issue Mail Handler allows you to save sender and recipient email addresses or users (if recognized) to custom fields. You can use these custom fields as recipients when an email is sent manually or automatically like in Email This Issue Event Notifications.

Events supported

Email This Issue can not only react on events and send event notification but it can be configured to fire events when emails are sent or processed.



Comparision with JIRA's Email Capabilities

FeatureEmail This IssueJIRA out-of-the-box
Event notifications (Notification schemes)(tick)(tick)
Custom email templates in event notifications(tick)(error)
Conditional event notifications(tick)(error)
Send link to issues to users and email addresses (Share button)(tick)(tick)
Send issue details to users and email addresses when needed (Email button)(tick)(error)
Send emails from a workflow transition(tick)(error)
Process incoming emails as new issues or comments(tick)(tick)
Initialize issue fields (including custom fields) from email(tick)(error)
Find issues related to incoming emails using issue fields(tick)(error)
Create or Comment Or Link mail handler based on JQL(tick)(error)
Create Or Comment Or Subtask based on JQL (soon to come)(tick)(error)
Execute workflow transition on issues upon processing emails(tick)(error)
Send auto-reply emails back to senders(tick)(error)
Blacklist of senders to block emails(tick)(error)
MD5 hash based attachment filtering(tick)(error)
Support for external watchers via event notifications(tick)(error)
From address and sender name in outgoing emails generated from fields or custom fields(tick)(error)
Searchable audit log of emails sent or received(tick)(error)
JQL functions to search for issues sent in or created/commented via emails(tick)(error)