Email This Issue Operation

JETI's key feature is an issue operation you can invoke from the view issue screen.

Find the email this issue operation

Compose your emails easily

You can easily set the recipients and content of your email. Recipients may be users, external email addresses, roles, groups, custom fields, and virtual users.

The issue being sent can be seen side-by-side to the email.

While composing your email, you can set various email options. Email options are preset from the global defaults but can be overridden using the Send & Remember settings button. These user preferences are stored in cookies and are reused next time you send emails.

The email template being used to format your email is determined by the project and/or type of the issue (via the so called Contexts) and can be easily developed using the built-in template editor. Custom fields may be added to the email content as well.

You can select the issue attachments you want to attach to the email and append all issue comments as well. You recipients will receive all pieces of information necessary to full understand the issue they receive.


If you choose, "Send & Remember Settings", the email recipient configuration is also stored and reused next time.

Initialize Email Body with Prefill Templates

When you open the Email Screen using the Email button, you can start to compose the emails. To make this process easier, you can prefill the Email Body. 

The template that is used to prefill the Email Body in the email screen, is a template you can create in Email This Issue Template Editor. See details here. You must specify the template in the Context's Prefill template attribute.

Never use the same templates to prefill body and send emails

Prefill templates are purely used to initialize the Body field in the email screen. When the email is sent, the formatted, preinitialized and possibly modified Body will be submitted as if it was entered manually.

Therefore the template used to generate the final email will include this formatted, rich Body value via the $!mailBody variable. This means, if you used the same template, the preformatted content may be added twice to the email.

If you use a prefill template, the email template you send with may be as simply as the $!mailBody variable.


Multiple Email Templates


Contexts may be configured with multiple template categories. Templates from the selected categories are listed in the email screen. Emails are generated from the selected template.

Preview Emails


Once you have composed your email recipients, subject, body and options, you can preview what the email will look like for the recipients.

To preview, click the Preview button. 

Once clicked, the page will reload and the preview dialog shows the email details and content generated using the selected template.

Note: email recipients are resolved to email addresses.