Email This Issue Workflow post-function

You can send automatic auto-reply emails to senders of incoming emails, auto-replies can be fully customized and the sender's email address is saved to a custom field.


Add JETI Post-function


Position of post-function in the transition

It is strongly recommended that JETI post-function is added after the system post-function called "Re-index an issue to keep indexes in sync with the database." in the list of post-functions of the transition. This will make sure that the updated attributes are included in the emails.

Execute Post-function conditionally


You can specify a JQL filter criteria as part of the post-function configuration. When specified, JETI will execute the post-function (i.e. send emails from the post-function) only if the issue is matching the JQL criteria.

You can add multiple JETI post-functions with different JQL filters to implement complex conditional logic.


Configure email attributes

You can configure email recipients, content and options for the post-function the usual way. 
Note, you can specify to append the comment entered during the transition to the mail body. If you do not configure the post-function with a mail body value, you can entirely rely on the comments as mail body.


Email options are prefilled with the global default values.