Event Notifications

Event Notifications in JIRA

JIRA Notifications are hard to customize. JIRA does not support different mail templates per project or issue type or event, does not allow you to address notification emails to external email addresses stored in custom fields, not talking about adding attachments to the outgoing emails.

JETI resolves these shortcomings as it allows you to

  • easily develop different templates for any combination of project, issue type and event
  • address notification emails to external users (such as customers)
  • easily configure customizable notification schemes (a.k.a Notifiction Templates in the JETI terminology)
  • add issue attachments to outgoing notification emails

My changes: do not notify me

 Email this issue respects the profile setting "My changes: do not notify me". This means, that the current user performing an action in JIRA may not get event notifications on her own actions.

To override it, you can enable the option "Always notify recipients" in the Email This Issue event notification.


Set up JETI Notification Templates

It is extremely easy to set up JETI notification templates (or schemes).

Add Notification Templates

Create Notification Templates from the Notification Tab of the Configuration screen.

Add Notification Events

Once your Notification Template is created, click the *Events* operation to get a list of Events in your Notification Template. Add new events by clicking the *Add* button.

It is possible to set up multiple notifications for the same event. You can restrict them with different JQL conditions. The order JQL is evaluated is determined by the Order attribute.


Configure Notification Events

After adding your event, configure it with email template, recipients, email content and options.

You can configure filters:

  • Optionally specify JQL condition. If specified, notification will be sent for issues matching the JQL
  • Optionally specify Changelog filter, if fields are selected, notification will be sent for events during which either of the fields is changing.



Associate the Notification Template with Contexts

Once your notification template is set up with events, email templates and recipients, you must activate it by assigning it to [Contexts] where it will be applied.