Event Queue


Event Queue is a component that processes issue events asynchronously. Below are some metrics to monitor the internal status of the queue.

The event queue page is useful to monitor the internal status of the event queue and to adjust some parameters.

Total QueuedTotal number of events queued
Total CompletedTotal number of events completed
Currently on QueueTotal number of events queued for processing
Active Worker ThreadsCurrent number of active worker threads processing the events
Average Time in Queue (ms)

Average time of the last 100 events spent on the queue.

Time metric exludes the default queue delay.

Maximums Worker Threads
Maximum number of worker threads to process the events.
Number may vary from 0 to 64.


0 threads

Setting the maximum worker threads to 0 disables asynchronous processing.

Events will then be processed synchronously.


Asynchronous vs Synchronous Processing


Operations performed by users complete faster.

Resilient to internal synchronization of resources like database and indexes.

Especially useful is using conditions event notifications or workflow post functions (JQL filter in Email This Issue)

Event queue takes some memory, it may be necessary increase max heap size.

Event queue needs some monitoring to properly adjust the queue size, and processing delay.

The event queue has an internal default delay 30s. Events placed on the queue are processed at least 30sec later.

SynchronousInstant processing of events

Slows down user actions via the user interface.

Subject to incorrect evaluation of JQL conditions in Email This Issue notifications.