How to track cases when you don't get any emails

There may be multiple reasons why you don't get emails from JETI. 

Cause 1: SMTP Server Configuration

Go to Incoming Emails in JIRA Administration and check if your SMTP server settings are correct. Send a test email to various email addresses (in and outside JIRA) to verify that emails will reach all recipients.

Also check if email sending is enabled or disabled.

Cause 2: Profile settings

Email This Issue respects your profile settings "My changes: do not notify". If this is set and you are testing JETI by sending emails to yourself, JETI will not dispatch the email to you.

We recommend that you change your profile settings to "My changes: notify me" for time of your tests.

Cause 3: No recipients are resolved

JETI can send issues in email directly to users and email addresses. Also indirectly to recipients stored in fields, members of groups and roles, etc. Sometimes it happens that no indirect recipients can be resolved in relation to an issue.

Case 4: Notification Template is Not Added to Context

After you created a Notification Template with Events and recipients, you must associate the Notificaiton Template with projects. You do this by adding the Notificaiton in a Context. There is a detailed tutorial on this topic.

Case 5: Recipient Whitelist does not Include Recipient

The Configuration tab offers a few options to limit recipients. 

  • option to exlude external recipients
  • option to limit to project users
  • whitelist to certain email address patterns or domains