How to use Prefill Templates

Prefill templates is a concept to initialize the Body field in the Email Screen when you want to send emails manually. Contexts can define a single prefill template.

Prefill templates are regular email templates that you can develop in Email This Issue, however you must understand how they work in conjunction with the templates you use to render the final email.

How Prefill templates work

Prefill templates can be composed using HTML, velocity, may contain issue fields, or regular text or anything.

When you open the Email screen, the Context related to the current issue is determined. If the Context is configured with a prefill template, the template is evaluated and the result is set in the Body field.

it is a good practice to add a distinquishable Template Category name for the prefill templates so that they can be easily identified. So far all is easy.

Templates to send emails prepared with Prefill Templates

Contexts have an Email Template attribute. This specifies the template used to send the emails sent manually. If you configure the Context with a prefill template, you should not use the same template to send the email, otherwise all content will be duplicated in the email because the Body field is added to the template via the variable $!mailBody. Or more generically, Email Templates  and Prefill templates should not have overlapping content to avoid duplication of content in the email.

Instead, if you have a Prefill template, we recommend you create a template as simple as $!mailBody and select it in the Context's Email Template field.

Prefill mechanism is only applicable to emails composed manually. Event Notifications or Workflow Postfunctions should be configured with regular, detailed templates.