Support for JEditor - Rich Text Emails


Create Rich Text Emails

JETI supports creating rich text emails via JEditor, a popular Rich Text Editor add-on for JIRA.

JEditor licence key not included

In order to create rich emails, you must install JEditor and obtain a license key for it.

Once JEditor is installed, you must enable it in JETI Configuration.

Open JETI Configuration Tab:

Then Enable JEditor: 

When yo compose the email, JEditor is loaded and Email Body is replaced with the rich text editor:

Email listed in Email Audit Log:

Things to Know When Using JEditor

  • You don't have change you templates to render Rich Text emails
  • Email log displays rich text emails correctly
  • If users enable JETI to add comments to issues, please be aware that the rich text email body will be escaped and fairly unreadable unless you enable JEditor renderer for comments in JIRA Field Configuration. This is because JIRA always escapes HTML in comment text. 
  • If email format is forced to set to Text, rich text content will be escaped in the email making it hard to read