Published Attila Gáspár | 2016-01-01

We are Atlassian Experts in Hungary since 2007. We believe in the uniqueness of Atlassian and the Atlassian Ecosystem. This makes us passionate about what we do every day. With our many years of experience, we help companies work more efficiently, improve their processes and unleash their corporate potential with the best suite of tools available. Additionally to our services, we build very popular, award winning extensions to Atlassian products that target special requirements and make your work even more efficient and fun.

During 2015 we decided to (re)start our Atlassian Expert Blog to support the Atlassian Community with spreading our knowledge and experiences. Stay connected and learn how you can use the Atlassian ecosystem event better.

We are planning to cover the following topics

  • practical tips & tricks
  • case studies and customer stories
  • news about Atlassian and Atlassian products
  • Atlassian Marketplace addon test and review
  • META-INF news
  • other relevant, interesting topics

Do you miss anything? Are you really interested in anything special? Or do you have a great story? Tell us, let's create the next great post about it!

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