Published Attila Gáspár | 2016-01-11

Don’t worry, it’s not so terrifying news as you think!

Publishing JIRA7 maybe the biggest change in the history of the product. Atlassian announced to separate JIRA into 3 different products targetting different types of teams

  • JIRA Core, for business teams
  • JIRA Software, for agile teams
  • JIRA Service Management, for support teams


We collected some useful information to help you understand the significant changes and benefits that JIRA's new variations bring to all customers.

Your existing maintenance of JIRA will be renewed as JIRA Software by default

Renewal as JIRA Core or JIRA Service Management must be submitted to Atlassian, feel free to contact us, we are ready to help you with your renewal.

Role of the products on the market

JIRA Core is the most similar to what you've known as pure JIRA. However, it is tailored to better suit the needs of Business Teams, for instance HR ,Finance, Procurement, etc.

JIRA Software is the combination of JIRA and JIRA Agile in a single product. It comes with all typical functionality that Agile Teams need.

JIRA Service Management is the combination of JIRA and the former JIRA Service Management addon, in a brand new and improved package. It will suit the needs of most Support Teams out-of-the-box.
If you need more detailed information, read the following manual:

Upgrading your license from JIRA6 to JIRA7

The process is not so difficult. Atlassian published a very detailed manual about changing you licenses, the documentation can be found here (

Specialized products for unique needs of different teams

Agile teams, business teams or support teams can have totally different feature requests in JIRA. Atlassian created separate developer teams for the 3 new JIRA products focusing on the target groups expectations.

All variations of JIRA brings different default workflows, issue types, project types and UI elements for the target teams

You may pay less for your JIRA's license and maintenance!

You can buy different user tiers for the 3 product.

Imagine a situation: Your team contains 20 developers, and 15 business worker. In the past you had to buy 50 users JIRA and 50 users JIRA agile. Now, you can buy 25 users JIRA Software and 25 users JIRA Core. So you can save 25 users JIRA Software license cost!

Even addon licenses may become cheaper!

Your addon user tier must be adjusted for the biggest user limit of the 3 JIRA product, so if you have 25 JIRA Software and 50 JIRA Core users, you don’t have to buy addons with 100 users, but only with 50 users!

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