What is Email This Issue for Jira?

Have you ever wondered if there’s an app that can both handle your outgoing and incoming emails in Jira? Which can create or comment issues, perform workflow transitions, add users, set custom fields and so much more - according to an incoming email’s content? Do you need an app for sending fully customizable manual emails or notifications from Jira? Then Email This Issue for Jira is the right choice for you! This App is a must for you if you are tired of processing emails on your own. Email This Issue for Jira can do most of the annoying work for you, saving you time and effort for the more creative part.

Release notes from our testing fairy - Juli

Let us give you a little insight into how we manage our tasks at META-INF so that we can bring you new features and fixes.

We work in two different teams, to make sure we can deliver the best product, and provide the best support to our customers.

What’s new in Email This Issue for Jira?

Our Roadmap Driven Team (RDT) is eager to work on new features that are well planned for the future. We find it crucial to provide them with undisturbed time and all other resources they need, in order to let them bring you a constantly and predictably improving Email This Issue for Jira.

Their main focus in this release was on renewing Incoming Mail Connections.

Here is what changed, besides the new UI:

Are you a Cloud fan? We have good news! If you have used Email This Issue for Jira on the Server platform so far, you probably took advantage of processing emails from specific folders in your email client, instead of your Inbox. From now on, we support processing emails from folders on the Cloud platform too!

Have you ever struggled to find out what could go wrong with your Incoming Connection? You don’t have to guess anymore if it’s the password, the host, or something else, because now we have a handy solution for you: the Protocol Log. If a connection fails, you can have a better insight in just two clicks.

Moreover: status icons are now displayed not only next to the Incoming Connections, but next to the corresponding Mail Handlers too - so if there is a problem, you will see it right away, and not just from the Administration page.

If you contact us, either because you have a suggestion, you need a feature or found something that looks like a bug, your message lands at our Customer Driven Team (CDT). Here the focus is always on feature requests and bug reports coming from your side. Supporters in the team do their best to make sure we understand your requests well, while developers deliver you exactly what you wanted, and fix the problems you faced.

You asked for Mail Chaining on the Cloud platform lately, and now you get it! It doesn’t matter anymore if your customers reply to each other in the background. As soon as they send any of these emails to your Mail Handler, we find the right Jira Issue for it. Even if they forget to give the original issue key in the subject.

You want to add email recipients to request participants of an issue? Not a problem anymore! Just check the option in Email Options, send them the email, and Email This Issue for Jira Server will add them automatically to the Request Participants field.

If you would like to find out more details, read our release notes here (link), or visit the brand new documentation page of Email This Issue for Jira Cloud here (link), and Email This Issue for Jira Server (here)

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us. We don’t just wish you to have the best experience with emails in Jira, but are engaged to help you reach it too. On behalf of both teams: we are eager to hear from you. How do you like the new features? Do you have any further questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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