Published Britta Neugebauer | 2022-07-27

Smarter teamwork – harness the full power of Microsoft 365 and Jira

You struggle to communicate in Jira and have a hard time organizing projects in Microsoft Teams? This is where the Jira “super issue” comes to the rescue: Start cross-tool collaboration, work seamlessly, and boost productivity by integrating Microsoft 365 and Jira. Bring your conversations to where you work is!

Watch the video here: Microsoft 365 for Jira – start working with your Jira "super issue" - YouTube >>

Jira offers a great native project management solution; Microsoft 365 offers a great collaboration platform. Both tools have their justification and neither of them can replace the other fully. That is where yasoon’s integration Microsoft 365 for Jira closes the gap. In this article we'll show you, how you can enhance your Jira issues with features from Microsoft 365.

Jira, meet Microsoft Teams – chat with​ your team

It’s never been easier to synchronize communication in Jira via Microsoft Teams chat. In the Microsoft Teams panel in your “super issue” you can start one or more chats, channel conversations, and see all related conversations directly in the issue. All replies instantly appear in both Teams and Jira and everyone can stay in their preferred tool. You can even add more chat participants and make conversations accessible for everyone who needs to work on the issue. As discussions are clearly documented in Jira, management gets insights into how the team is solving issues and what progress they’re making.

Jira, meet Microsoft Outlook – work with emails

In the Outlook panel of the Jira issue you can share, read, and send emails or whole email conversations. You can bring the power of Microsoft Outlook to Jira and enable your team to stay in the loop: future email replies will be shown in Jira, too. Add CC recipients, attach mail history when replying to mails, and append issue details visible in the mail editor. Everything will be neatly available in the issue. Once your chosen emails are added to the issue, everything is documented automatically, no sync needed.

Jira, meet Outlook Calendar – schedule​ meetings​

In your Jira issue, you can easily see whether issue specific users are available for a call right away. It also shows you the next available slots to set up an Outlook meeting, even for multiple users and time zones. Also, the invite can be sent with a unique Microsoft Teams link, so digital meetings planned via Jira become much more convenient. Everything can be handled right in your Jira “super issue”. The scheduled meeting is shown here in the panel and of course in your Outlook calendars, too.

Jira, meet Microsoft To Do – add personal​ tasks

From managing big tasks to the tiny ones: For personal organization, you can make use of the integration with Microsoft To Do. In your Jira issue you can add personal tasks right in the task panel; they will be pushed to your chosen Microsoft To Do list instantly. This is perfect for smaller tasks that are only relevant for individual organization. Also, this panel is visible only to the current user – so everybody can stay organized and plan their tasks just as they wish to.

Your Jira “super issue” – harness the full power of Microsoft 365 and Jira

Your Jira “super issue” is supercharged with Microsoft 365 functionalities – deeply integrated in Jira. No more tool switching is needed, and you have all relevant information and conversations at a glance. All components are live and interactive – directly available in the panels in your “super issue”. Depending on the features you need, you can activate the modules separately and design the “super issue” to meet your needs.

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