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Besides our consulting services, we are also happy to have our products recommended by other consulting companies to their clients, just as IXPERTA used Email This Issue in an implementation for Škoda Auto a.s. The main request was related to speeding up the communication between Škoda Auto's internal employees, who do not have access to JIRA.

Client’s business requirements

Based on the request for a faster communication flow for non-JIRA user internal employees, three main requirements were formed, all related to e-mail-based communication from their side so that they do not have to change their communication platform.

  1. All visitors of the internal Škoda Auto employee website should be able to create an issue by e-mail in the “Škoda Space support” JIRA project, even if they have no access to JIRA.

  2. Be able to create multiple sub-tasks via email, so that the communication flow would be easier to handle from the Jira side too.

  3. Send the given issue by e-mail from Škoda Auto a.s - this business request is ultimately not used by anyone.

The solutions with Email This Issue

By discovering all the inconveniences and hardships the client was facing within their communication, IXPERTA managed to uncover and define 4 key requirements of the client. Luckily, everything was to be solved with just one app: Email This Issue.

Let’s take a look at the requirements and the solutions provided by Email This Issue:

1. Custom appearance and form of notifications from Jira

Email This Issue supports custom HTML notification templates. It allows you to structurally divide the content part of the notification according to the exact requirements of the client/customer. Also, different specific visual forms of notification can be set according to Issue types and Projects.

2. The possibility of advanced setting of the conditions when notifications are sent, to whom, and in what form

For the purpose of meeting the client's requirements, Jira's native features were insufficient. The client requested, among other things, the ability to set certain notifications only for specific Issue Types or to limit notifications based on JQL filters and Jira projections - and Email This Issue allows you to finetune notifications just like that.

3. Recipients management

In addition to the highly selectable settings of trigger mechanisms, matching templates, and specifying conditions, the Email This Issue addon allows the selection of final recipients, for example:

  • Individual address

  • Email address contained in custom fields - (text field type)

  • Native Jira role (Current User, Project lead, Assignee, Watcher, Reporter....)

  • All these types of recipients can be combined with each other.

4. "Enforcing" the receipt of notifications, which overrides the setting in the user profile - Do not notify me.

By default, Jira allows users to use the "Do not notify me" option in the profile settings section, thanks to which the user can turn off notifications coming from Jira. Email This Issue offers the option of "Always notify recipients", which allows the user to receive notifications even though they have notifications turned off.
This feature can prove essential when dealing with critical incidents.


There were no blind spots in the implementation of the contract. The recommendation to use the Email This Issue add-on proved to be correct and completely covered and resolved the client's requirements. Based on IXPERTA's recommendation, the client decided to explore the other functionalities available within the addon and their possible use in other areas of its operation.

Time-consumption of implementation

  • Presale stage – 1,5 MD

  • Analysis – 2,5 MD

  • Implementation – 2,5 MD

About the client

The Škoda Auto history started in Mladá Boleslav in 1905. The company’s registered office and automobile development department have remained in the company’s hometown, but production has also spread to many other places, cities, and countries over the past 120 years. In such a large organization it is essential to have a flawless communication chain. Let’s find out how Ixperta came up with a solution with the help of our product, Email This Issue!


IXPERTA has been operating on the market of information and communication technologies for over 25 years. They have nearly 210 experts working in our teams. Historically, they were founded as part of the Siemens Group. They bridge the worlds of business communications, infrastructure, security and software, have certifications from the world's leading technology manufacturers and have their own software development center.
IXPERTA has customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Europe, Asia and North America, in all types of organizations, from commercial companies and manufacturing enterprises to government and the financial sector.
For more information, visit

About Email This Issue

Email This Issue is an app extending Jira with advanced email functionalities, just like:

  • End-to-end email client between Jira (Core, SW, JSD) and your mail accounts

  • Custom email templates for Manual Emails, Notifications and Worfkflow Post-functions

  • Multiple IMAP/POP3 and SMTP support from within the app

  • Sophisticated incoming email handling

  • Condition-based email processing

  • Automatized workflow execution & information transfer

  • Advanced email filtering & issue lookup

  • Fully auditable with incoming and outgoing mail queues and detailed logs for troubleshooting

If you want to try out Email This Issue, check it out on the Atlassian Marketplace or contact our team for further assistance!

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