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About Us


Who We Are

We are Atlassian gurus and fanatics. We learn, talk, collaborate, develop, help and dream big with anything Atlassian. And we do it with passion.

The below Prezi explains where we started from, why we do what we do and where we're going. Enjoy it.




How We Do What We Do

We started our journey with Atlassian tools back in 2002 and became official Atlassian Solution Partner in January of 2007.

Our dedication to Atlassian is exclusive. We believe that Atlassian, their products (like Jira, Confluence), the add-on ecosystem, their community are unique, are powerful and are there to serve humanity with the power of software as they proclaim.


Our company portfolio is very simple: we do everything that is related to Atlassian and its products but we do not undertake projects we cannot fulfill with Atlassian tools. So simple. This quarantees that we can maximize our expertise, efficiency, Atlassian product skills without having to share our efforts.

We believe this is how we provide our customers with best value and this makes us a recognized member of the Atlassian Solution Partners family.

Email or call us, we will listen!

+36 30 515 4464