Jira tutorial for beginners

Jira Fundamentals, Jira Workflows, Permissions in Jira, Notifications in Jira & more for you to learn in this free Jira tutorial series

Learn Jira in just a few minutes! We prepared this Jira tutorial series keeping in mind that nobody likes long and exhausting tutorials. We challenge you to make a coffee (or tea) before sitting down, and we promise you, by the time you finish your drink, you'll learn something awesome about Jira.

Youtube video about Jira

Beginner-friendly Jira tutorial about the Fundamentals of Jira

Start with this to ease into it, then continue to our video about Jira workflows. As you move forward with our series, you'll understand more and more about Jira, and you'll see what an awesome tool it can be.

Atlassian Solutions can make your teams work effortlessly, but don't just take our word for it. Configure Jira and
unlock the full potential of your team. Let us know if you get stuck and we'll make sure to get you back on track.

Jira tips from our Solution Partner team

Jira tutorial videos are sometimes not enough to understand every little detail. This is why our experienced Solution Partner team has prepared additional documents for each Jira video. For access to this content, just fill out the 2-step form below.

Atlassian tutorials & more

Jira zero to hero tutorials made by our Atlassian Solution Partner team. Next up is Jira Workflows! Make your coffee and head over to our Youtube channel to broaden your Jira knowledge. We promise after you finish your coffee & the tutorial, you'll learn something that you will be able to use the next day.

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Fundamentals of Jira, interesting Jira workflow settings, and exclusive Jira tips from our Atlassian Solution Partner team - made with love.