Kamil Beer

Atlassian Expert

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Kamil has been working as an Atlassian tools administrator, consultant and teacher for 7 years with companies of all sizes. He is the only holder of the “Atlassian Certified Master” title in Czech Republic. Aside from his Atlassian freelancing, he works on a board game from the SCP Foundation universe, “Escape from Site 19” and currently works on his PhD in Contemporary History.


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  • How to document Jira projects easily

    Kamil Beer

    Documenting Jira projects is underestimated, yet necessary if you’re managing complex use cases and multiple teams. While its value might not immediately seem clear, it becomes so over time: when an administrator leaves, when they have to transfer their work, join into a new project, full of arcane configuration, is to be migrated on production.

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