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"2 comments about this add-on - it works and works well - the vendor provides excellent, excellent support" 

"This is seriously my favorite plugin. Emails without a subject now go right to the queue instead of bouncing. IThe developer is very responsive. This plugin pretty much fills all the holes we had with Jira mail handling. Great, great, great! Thank you!"

"This is a great plugin for emailing issues to clients - especially as it allows you to include comments on an issue and attach images. It's very simple to use and configure, and was definitely something we were missing from Jira"

"Great plugin! Great and fast support! Recommended. The various settings in the backend could be a bit easier to administer, but other than that the plugin works like a charm - and lets us use Jira as a fully working Support system for all our customers.""

"This Add-On is a real time saver for me and my company. We used to have huge issues with our support tech creating issues and attaching all the relevant documents. Kudos to the developer(s) for adding so many useful features since we purchased the add-on."

Bug Watcher

"Awesome plug-in. In-app notification is a must for project management tools. Plug-in perfectly fits that gap in Jira. Personal notification schemes and ability to subscribe to project and filters are essential tools for manager to be in sync with full project picture."

"We have been dying for this functionality... as an admin, I don't allow users to make bulk changes so this gives them a way to bulk manage their watches - and they are MUCH happier with the watch functionality now."

"Cool plugin. Customization of notification behaviour is very limited in Jira since years. There is a huge need to improve it at this area. We will give it a try."