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We renamed Advanced Children Display for Confluence and extended its functionality under a new name, Advanced Content Navigator for Confluence (ACNC).

Say goodbye to messy Confluence spaces and hello to an enhanced organization with Advanced Content Navigator for Confluence. This cutting-edge Atlassian productivity app helps you discover unread pages without drowning in email notifications. It gives you an overview of page trees enhanced with attachments, page headings, tasks, and history - all at hand without opening the pages themselves.

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Keep your focus on what’s important

Get an easy and quick overview of your Confluence pages 

Check the page status, versions, tasks, child pages, attachments, Jira issue links, page headings, and previews - all through a single pane of glass.

Be more efficient

Save time by tracking changes with ease

Don’t waste time with untangling unread pages, new page versions, attachments, statuses, etc. You don’t have to manually collect this information from the myriad of Confluence notifications anymore.

Be more organized

Keep your Confluence clean

On the space page, everything is prepared for a great - and regular - cleanup. Pages can be previewed, reordered, and renamed. Page statuses can be updated, while new child pages can be created as well.

Master Confluence tracking

No need for training or support

Easy to understand and master, any user can add it to the Confluence pages they are allowed to edit.

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Atlassian Content Navigator for Confluence was completely developed with Forge.

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