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Full Atlassian support coverage from ad-hoc technical assistance to continuous, full-stack support.

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Atlassian technical support from A to Z

Our Atlassian Support service is dedicated to providing you with straightforward answers and assistance. Our team of experts is always ready to answer any complex technical questions and resolve any issues you may encounter with your Atlassian products.

Highly skilled engineering team

Whether you are on the on-premise or Cloud version, our highly skilled engineers are here to provide top-notch technical support, enhancing the productivity of your admin team. If you consider moving to the Cloud, check out our Cloud Migration service. Build on our decades of experience and get quick help with any questions. 

Flexible service at
a reasonable price

We provide support on a fixed hourly rate or a flexible basis via our dedicated customer portal, e-mail or phone. All at a predictable and reasonable cost.

Building internal competence

We strive to create an internal competence center in your organization, building on our growing knowledge base so that most questions can be answered in-house, and we are only needed as second-level support in the long term.

Save money by knowledge transfer

Your established in-house competence saves you money and leads to much faster response times and the continuous development of your team’s knowledge. Unleash the potential of our expertise for your benefit.

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