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What is Atlassian?

You may already be familiar with Atlassian if you’ve come this far. If not, let us introduce to you:

  • Atlassian is one of the fastest-growing enterprise software vendors in the world.

  • It serves 240,000 customers in over 190 countries, with 10 million monthly active users.

  • Atlassian solutions are designed for all types of work, including work management, IT Service Management, Agile and DevOps.

  • They are the company behind popular collaboration tools, such as JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket and Bamboo.

  • The company has 8,800 employees internationally across 13 different countries.

What about META-INF?

Eat, Sleep, Atlassian

We want to empower the global Atlassian community by developing the best-value productivity tools and delivering practical solutions. Our dedication to Atlassian is exclusive. We intend to play a key role in the uniquely powerful Atlassian ecosystem and together we can serve humanity with the power of software.

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Interview process


We believe in personal and shared experiences, so if your CV shows you are a good fit for a position, we will call you. At first we want to reach a common understanding regarding the role, and you can ask all of your questions too. After this call you can decide if you'd want to spend time on the test.


After the successful test we'll invite you to an in-person interview.


After you rocked your interview, to make sure you have great chemistry with the team we organize a "beertest". This beertest can be attended by anyone from META-INF, and afterwards the question for both part is: "Would you go out to grab a beer with them?"

Why choose us?

From the financial side

  • Our company was founded in 2005, with only one person, as one of the first Atlassian partners in Europe.

  • We are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners and Atlassian Marketplace Partners. These are the highest-level certifications in the Atlassian ecosystem.

  • Everything you find about us is achieved with quality products and hard work.

  • We have never taken out a loan or had an investor in the company.

  • We are entirely in control of our business in a way that aligns with our values: thinking long-term, putting the team first, and valuing knowledge.


  • Private health insurance

  • Massage

  • Free lunch on Wednesdays'
    all-staff meetings

  • Monthly team buildings

  • Extra days off (15 days fully paid sick leave + 5 days extra sick leave when not on duty - no need for a medical certificate)

  • Annual BKK Budapest-pass support

  • Puppies in the office

  • Family-friendly company (Last time, everyone could bring their family on a company holiday to Lake Balaton 🙂)

  • Office easily accessible by public transport

  • Bright, comfortable, super-modern office

  • Youthful, slack atmosphere

  • Supported training courses

  • We don't negotiate the salary requested; at most, we indicate that we can't give it.


Send us your CV and a cover letter with three things you liked most about the job posting or META-INF and your top three questions about the opportunity!

From the people's side

It's important to us that there is life outside of work, so we want to support you not just between 9 and 5 but outside of that period:

  • You may have had a tiring week and your back is already completely set. A masseuse is coming to the office weekly to work out those knots. And twice a month at our expense. 🙂

  • Health first. That's why we take out private health insurance on your behalf, and you get 100% of your salary during sick leave. If you don't crash for many days but are unfit for a day or two, you get five extra days as sick leave, with 100% pay. So you can fully concentrate on your recovery.

  • Our office is in the super modern Science Park, so you just hop on tram 4 or 6, and you're there. What's more, our company will pay for your Budapest pass.

  • Got a lovely pet? As a pet-friendly office, you never have to leave your dog at home! Bring him in; we're thrilled to play with him.

  • If possible, we take the ‘work smarter’ option over the ‘work more’ option so you can spend time with family and friends.

  • We are proud of being fully transparent. Once a month, our managers and one of our business units present what they're working on that quarter. This gives you an insight into how the company operates, and you can ask questions.

  • We put a lot of effort into ensuring you are part of a team that works. Once a week, you'll have a company lunch, and once a month, you'll have the chance to meet your colleagues in a team-building session. Of course, these are also during working hours. 🙂

  • Family time is invaluable, so we give you an extra five days for big family events on top of the statutory leave.

  • There are several great athletes (and great fans) in the team! You can come and do sports or just have a splash with us!

  • Expect lots of jokes.

Our company in numbers


years in business

7 000 000

app users


enterprise customers


staff members

22 to 53

staff ages between

Companies who chose us

Working conditions

Some useful info about us.

Working hours

Regular hours: between 10.00 and 16.00.
Home office: 2 days a week


Notebook, two monitors, internet, darts board, bike storage & shower (and whatever you need to work efficiently 🙂)