Enterprise Service Management

Achieve excellence in business services delivery.

Raise the service quality of your business teams  

Ready to kickstart your ESM journey, but unsure where to begin? Look no further!

We offer you modern, cost-effective enterprise service management solutions that can scale with your business. META INF’s experts lead the way in Jira Service Management integration and help you meet your business service challenges with a proven method.

Services teams’ challenges

Organizations with multiple business services teams and internal customers suffer from manual, labor-intensive delivery processes. Starting from employee onboarding, via payroll and expense reporting, to purchasing requests, ‌traditional service processes are slow, circumstantial, and error-prone.

Streamline service delivery with ESM

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is a system for improving business processes and functions by applying IT service management principles to the broader context of an organization. ESM differs from IT Service Management (ITSM) by extending service management practices beyond IT to various departments across the enterprise, such as HR, finance, procurement, and customer service.

Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management (JSM) is Atlassian’s enterprise service management tool for all business teams. Internal teams such as HR, marketing, and facilities deliver services like onboarding employees, responding to web page requests, or resolving facility issues with JSM.

Unlock high-velocity business teams

Jira Service Management is designed to help you unlock high-velocity teams by empowering them to deliver great service fast, bringing visibility to work, and accelerating the flow between internal requestors and business teams. 

In-depth service management

JSM encompasses deeper service management practices across service requests, incidents, problems, changes, knowledge, and assets.


We offer you a comprehensive suite of services to deliver successful Jira Service Management projects, including:

ESM consulting

We help you design, develop, deploy, and optimize your ESM solution using best practices and methodologies.

JSM training

We provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to use and manage your ESM solution effectively.

Benefits of META-INF’s ESM Solution

Enhanced efficiency

Improved business efficiency and reduced operational costs by eliminating manual tasks, duplication of work, and human errors.

Happier customers

Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing faster, better, and more consistent services.

Better collaboration

Increased collaboration and integration across departments by breaking down silos and facilitating communication.

Business agility

Higher agility and innovation by enabling continuous improvement and adaptation to your changing business needs.

Domain expertise

A team of experienced and certified consultants having deep expertise in ESM and related practices.

High flexibility

A flexible and tailored approach that meets your specific needs and goals.

Delivery on time and on budget

Delivering high-quality results within budget and time constraints.

Trusted technical support

Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of the solution.


Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner logo

Atlassian recognizes META-INF as a Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise. We have extensive experience with Jira Service Management as a powerful ITSM tool, combined with outstanding consulting, sales and technical services to Atlassian customers of every size and industry around the globe.

We meet the highest Atlassian requirements in Cloud, Data Center, Security, and Marketplace programs. Our deep understanding of Atlassian products enables us to deliver exceptional ITSM value to you.

Tap the expertise of our 8 certified Atlassian, cloud, ITSM and ITIL professionals. We can provide you with tailored ITSM consultancy, seamless implementation and cloud migration.

ITSM Specialized Partners are exceptional service management professionals with strong roots in IT and service delivery processes, as well as ITIL methodology and the deployment Atlassian products for enterprise-level customers.

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Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
Atlassian Consulting

In 2019, we implemented a Jira & Confluence-based PPM system at Richter, primarily to support project management. The META-INF team provided professional support during the implementation and operation, always finding solutions to our more complex questions.

Miklós Gondolovics
Head of IT PMO
Atlassian Consulting

We implemented Jira and Confluence with the help of META-INF. Working together has been efficient and inspiring, all our processes have become more transparent, and the quality of our service has improved. SLA measurements and Dashboard have increased our efficiency.

Áron Bóra
CEO and IT Leader
Atlassian Cloud Migration

Thanks to thorough planning and dedicated work, the migration project proceeded smoothly from start to finish, and our new system launched on time and operates flawlessly. The expertise and experience of the team played a significant role in this, greatly assisting us in our collaborative efforts. They always strived to find quick and acceptable solutions for unforeseen issues that arose.

Róbert Szabó
IT System Administrator
Rufusz Computer Informatika Zrt
Atlassian Consulting

We have been working with META-INF for more than two years. With their help, we have implemented JSM to unify IT ticketing for the group. Since then, we have worked with them on several similar projects. META-INF has provided a high level of support throughout.

Péter Bertha
IT Director

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