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Our highly skilled engineers are here

to provide top-notch technical support, enhancing the productivity of your admin team on demand.
Our four different service packs cater to all your needs, ensuring you get the most out of our app:

Premium Support

Get priority customer service.

Continuous, fast-track assistance for any issues related to emailing in Jira, directly from the vendor.
Assurance for the secure operation.

Fast Track
Service Card up to 2 hours / month
First Reponse in 2 hours
Other Responses
in 4 hours
Extended Opening

Service card

Get help from engineers to quickly fix your issues.

Ad-hoc help to quickly overcome any technical issues related to emailing in Jira.
Gain hourly access to our experts, ready to support you in all things with your Email This Issue instance.

Technical help
Advanced cases
Configuration assistance
Suited to you

Product Mastering

Get technical knowledge directly from the developer of Email This Issue.

Vendor training for Email This Issue admins at a different level to unlock the app's real value. Process emails in Jira like a Master.

Suited to Your Level
Courses of Various Lengths
Directly from the Vendor


Get implementation and customization expertise.

Full-scale implementation and customization services to maximize your operational efficiency, ITSM, ESM, and ITIL processes.

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