Get assurance for secure operation with our Premium support

Continuous, fast-track assistance for any issues related to emailing in Jira directly from the vendor. 

We give priority to your technical problems. Partner with us to leverage our unparalleled expertise and get the most out of your Email This Issue app!

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META-INF’s Premium Support is a continuous, priority customer service for mission-critical Email This Issue environments.

Extended availability

12-hour working hours

Online consultation

With screen share for fast troubleshooting

Rapid response time

The first response is within 2 hours, other responses in 4 hours

2 hours Service Card/month

For ad-hoc consultancy, for writing velocity macros and regular expressions, etc.

What is it not for

Implementation projects

Premium Support is designed for priority operation support. If you need help delivering a complete solution from scratch, consider our Atlassian Consulting Services.

One-off, ad-hoc support

Premium Support is a continuous support service. If you need occasional, ad hoc help from us, consider our Service Card offering - buy our experts’ time and make the best use of it.


If you would like to participate in a training with your team, consider our Email This Issue Product Mastering Offerings.

Products other than Email This Issue

f you need Atlassian-related help for other products, contact our consultants.

How can you enter the Premium Support Program?


We are processing your request.


We meet you and onboard your admins, where we introduce the service and rules to them.


You can choose between the 6 months (2400 EUR) and 12 months (4000 EUR) plan.


We will send you the invoice if you wish to continue with us after onboarding.


Once the service fee is received, we notify you and the service goes live.

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