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We are a Platinum Solution Enterprise Partner and Platinum Marketplace Partner. Our market-leading Jira apps empower millions of Atlassian users worldwide. Beyond product development, we provide you with the highest level of Atlassian consultancy, training and support.

With decades of experience, thousands of enterprise customers and millions of users, we have a solid ground to understand your daily challenges and solve them with the best-value Atlassian apps.

Our philosophy

We strive to be your go-to tech partner - reliable and trusted. In everything we do, our focus is on transparency and cost-effectiveness. We apply the KISS (Keep it Super Simple) principle to find the simplest solution for your business needs. While the simplicity of our solutions may vary with the complexity of your problems, we believe that keeping things simple is in your best interest and has many benefits, such as:

  • Faster and more cost-efficient implementation

  • Less room for errors

  • Less human resource requirements

  • More flexibility to respond to changing needs, which, in our experience, is inevitable

Our History


The company was founded

Tibor started the company and ran it on his own for a long time. Attila joined the company in 2014.


Email This Issue for Jira released

Tibor developed and supported it alone till the number of installation reached 1700 in 2012. Then the installation number jumped to around 3000 by 2015.


First Atlassian Summit we attended

It was a great feeling to join such a big Atlassian event as a Hungarian partner. Since then we have been sponsoring the TEAM event almost every year.


First Hungarian Atlassian Meetup

Our mission is to build and support the Hungarian Atlassian community. Since 2015, we hold three free meetups a year.


First META-INF Atlassian Day

The META-INF Atlassian Day grew out of the Hungarian Atlassian meetups, with the aim of bringing together Atlassian lovers in an even bigger event. Today it has become one of the biggest Atlassian-related events in Europe. Marketplace partners from all over the world come to meet the participants.


META-INF becomes Platinum Partner- Atlassian Platinum Expert

Dear Meta-INF team, I am delighted to inform you that Meta-INF passed the Platinum tests and can now be qualified as an Atlassian Platinum Expert. I am particularly proud of your results. Not only you passed, but you passed with honors. Please read the comments from my colleagues: "META-INF had the strongest results, knocking Bitbucket, Confluence HipChat Server and Dev Tools, out of the park. Huge congrats to this team and their knock-out answers.” You read it: you had the highest scores out of 7 Experts that took part in this round. Really, really outstanding. I look forward to being in Budapest with you and offer you guys a few drinks to celebrate this much deserved award. Cheers, Vladimir Cavalcanti, Atlassian Channel Manager


META-INF joins
Pledge 1%

We offer our knowledge and experience to teams with noble goals. They can benefit from Atlassian's efficiency-improvement power for free.


Atlassian acquires META-INF’s Ultimate Permission Manager

We developed a core app, leading Atlassian to acquire and integrate UPM into Confluence. It has become the foundation for Permission Inspector in Confluence.


The first Smart Company of the Year Award

The team members representing the company must have the highest average intelligence in a two rounds of competition... This is measured by MensaHungarIQa.


The first Bisnode
(Dun & Bradstreet)
AAA Certification

Financially stable company according to Bisnode rating.


META-INF acquires CodeCanvas

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired CodeCanvas, a software quality assurance company, and the creator of the Glass Project Documentation for Jira app.


META-INF becomes Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner

The Platinum level recognizes the highest individual investment in the Atlassian platform and alignment with the Atlassian strategy.


Hungarian Atlassian Community reaches 1000 people

We offer our knowledge and experience to teams with noble goals. They can benefit from Atlassian's efficiency-improvement power for free.


Atlassian ITSM Specialized

ITSM Specialized Partners are exceptional service management professionals with strong roots in IT and service delivery processes, as well as ITIL methodology and the deployment Atlassian products for enterprise-level customers.

Don't believe us?
Read what our customers said

We would love to hear from you and appreciate your feedback in any form!

Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
Atlassian Consulting

In 2019, we implemented a Jira & Confluence-based PPM system at Richter, primarily to support project management. The META-INF team provided professional support during the implementation and operation, always finding solutions to our more complex questions.

Miklós Gondolovics
Head of IT PMO
Atlassian Consulting

We implemented Jira and Confluence with the help of META-INF. Working together has been efficient and inspiring, all our processes have become more transparent, and the quality of our service has improved. SLA measurements and Dashboard have increased our efficiency.

Áron Bóra
CEO and IT Leader
Atlassian Cloud Migration

Thanks to thorough planning and dedicated work, the migration project proceeded smoothly from start to finish, and our new system launched on time and operates flawlessly. The expertise and experience of the team played a significant role in this, greatly assisting us in our collaborative efforts. They always strived to find quick and acceptable solutions for unforeseen issues that arose.

Róbert Szabó
IT System Administrator
Project Management Training

This wasn't the first I participated in, and I'm sure it won't be the last. They are professionally prepared and helpful. I recommend this training to anyone looking to advance their career in project management or any field where they want to position themselves. Jira and Confluence will soon be in every company's toolbox.

Santana Somogyi Lorena
mSE Solutions GmbH
Email This Issue for Jira

We have been using this app (Email This Issue) for 5 years now. First as a server version and now in the cloud. We are very satisfied with the many possibilities. And if there was ever a problem, we got very good support.

Martin Ellwart
Devoteam UK
Email This Issue for Jira

If you need the capability to email third parties via Jira this app is an absolute requirement. The features are great and allow you to fine tune mail handling per project. Attachment filtering is awesome and something I wish Atlassian would do to prevent attachments filling up with stupid logos.

David Meredith
Senior ITSM Consultant
Email This Issue for Jira

In our experience Email This Issue for Jira really fits our needs. We never had any maintenance complexity, so if stability is important, I'd recommend using it for HR processes.

Szabó Tibor
IT Operation Lead
Email This Issue for Jira

I have already tried both the Server and Cloud versions of Email This Issue. I used it as a Jira Administrator and I was very pleased with the wide range of automation options it provided us. It was perfect for our needs.

Oumaima Laasri
Senior Jira & Confluence administrator
Creative Assembly UK
Glass Project Documentation for Jira

What I like most about Glass is that users can more precisely formulate their request to the Jira administrators.

Robert Pearce
Jira production administrator
Data Center

Yes, I would recommend it because it introduces you to the basics of Jira in a very accessible way. Ideal for people who are new to JIRA

Jira User

I recommend the course; it takes you from the basics to the user level. The number and time of exercises are optimal, and the theory is sound.

Jira user

I already had some experience in Jira administration, but the course helped me to systematize my knowledge and also covered a lot of new things that I always wanted to do but didn't know how to do at the time.

Jira Admin

As a heavy user, I also got a lot of new information in the two days of training.

Jira Admin
BigPicture training

An excellent extension of the basic Jira knowledge, covering a lot (both theoretical and practical).

Jira Admin
Takarékbank Zrt.
BigPicture training

The training was exciting and understandable from start to finish. The examples and exercises were great for illustrating the functionality and usability of BigPicture. The presenter maintained focus throughout and provided ongoing opportunities to ask questions. I can only recommend him!

Ákos Földi
BigPicture training

I would highly recommend it. Very practical, and you can get a wide range of tools and a comprehensive approach from the training.

BigPicture training participant
Collaboration effectively training

It would be good for many project managers to help them work together.

Collaboration training participant

I would recommend it, but it would look stupid because I work here... 😄

A secret META-INF Employee
Collaboration effectively training

Very cool, useful knowledge was gained. It will deepen in practice, but we got a comprehensive picture with Jira, Cloud, and on-premise. + it was super that everything was prepared (shared space, accesses, etc.)

Collaboration training participant
Glass Project Documentation for Jira

Excellent, faster, compact!

Glass User
Glass Project Documentation for Jira

Helpful and just great.

Jira Admin
Jira admin training

Nice for admins, it really makes a difference.

Jira Admin
Rufusz Computer Informatika Zrt
Atlassian Consulting

We have been working with META-INF for more than two years. With their help, we have implemented JSM to unify IT ticketing for the group. Since then, we have worked with them on several similar projects. META-INF has provided a high level of support throughout.

Péter Bertha
IT Director

META-INF Atlassian
expert team

One of the cornerstones of our company is our team. Without great teamwork, we wouldn't be at the forefront of the Atlassian ecosystem.

Tibor Hegyi
Tibor Hegyi
Founder & co-CEO
Attila Gáspár
Attila Gáspár
Márk Szabó
Márk Szabó
Head of DevOps
László Sziács
László Sziács
Head of Consulting
Dániel Szotyori
Dániel Szotyori
Customer Support Team Lead & Product Owner
Mátyás Utasi
Mátyás Utasi
Atlassian Solution Advisor
Eszter Kecskés D.
Eszter Kecskés D.
Atlassian Solution Advisor

What we are proud of

Atlassian ITSM Specialization
Smart Company of the Year
2019, 2021, 2023
Atlassian Partner of the Year
Platinum Marketplace Partner 2022
Most Innovative Partner
Bisnode AAA Certification
2020, 2021, 2022
Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise
Bugwatcher - Best Overall Add-on
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Scale Impact membership
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Our team participates in almost all major marathons and Iron Man races in Hungary. And for those who don't do sports, there's always cheering. If you see our name, say hello!

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