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Looking to migrate to a cloud-native Atlassian platform? Look no further than META-INF's Atlassian Cloud Migration Services.

Our expertise and experience will ensure a smooth, hassle-free transition from on-premise Jira and Confluence to Atlassian Cloud.

Why migrate to the Cloud?

Atlassian announced in 2020 that they will end the sale, installation, and support for server apps on February 15, 2024, as part of their initiative to move towards a cloud future together.

After February 15, 2024, Atlassian will no longer offer technical support, security updates, or bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities in Server. Atlassian suggests migrating to its cloud products to stay supported and benefit from continued innovation.

Atlassian Cloud migration challenges

Whether your current deployment is Atlassian Server or Data Center, migrating from on-premise to Atlassian Cloud is a big decision.

And depending on your current environment, it can be quite challenging: you must consider several aspects, such as a clear understanding of cloud environments, budget limitations, data security and privacy issues, the guarantee of critical services or skills required to operate the new infrastructure.

Your path to the cloud with our Atlassian Cloud Migration services

At META-INF, we understand the challenges of cloud migration, and our certified cloud experts can help you strategize, plan, and conduct a successful migration.

Our secure approach ensures a smooth transition to the cloud without disrupting your current operations while ensuring compliance and the latest developments. With our extensive experience migrating several critical workloads to the cloud, you can trust us to confidently guide you through the process.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Cloud technology can significantly reduce costs, boost efficiency, and enhance competitiveness. A transparent cloud strategy can leverage your current Atlassian software and enable smooth integration between your teams and tools. Cloud technology can also support other transformation initiatives like DevOps and Agile.

Enterprise functionality

Atlassian is investing a lot of resources in developing its cloud platform, which makes Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Access and Bitbucket cloud a realistic solution for enterprises and a rapid efficiency improvement for smaller teams. Not just in terms of functionality but security, scalability and availability, the Atlassian cloud is a viable option for many businesses across the globe.

Highly flexible licensing

In addition to the enhancements, more flexible pricing is available in the cloud, both per user and on a monthly basis. All without operational costs and resource requirements.

Reduce or even eliminate the cost of major outages

Rather than putting the onus of guaranteeing uptime on your IT team, put those responsibilities on your cloud provider instead. You can even choose a plan that guarantees 99.95% uptime; if an incident occurs, it has the resources to resolve it quickly and at no extra cost.

Free up your IT team

When you move to the cloud, a long list of on-prem server tasks (e.g., scheduled updates, patches, server replacements, VPN, incident management, change management, or system integrations) fall squarely on the shoulders of the provider.

Reduce operational costs

The on-prem version has many hidden operational costs that don't affect the cloud. This includes but is not limited to the cost of servers and their maintenance, license fees (incl. over-licensing costs), electricity bills, and asset management costs.

Reduce environmental costs

Cloud computing is not only a greener option, but it's more affordable. The simple reason is that energy costs money, and using more than you need will inevitably cost more. So when we say that cloud can be up to 98% greener than on-prem, we also say it is cheaper.

Free yourself from the cost of scaling up

Most on-prem resources are over-provisioned, meaning companies are paying for more computing power than they need. Moving to a cloud-based service that automatically scales resources can save your company up to 30% per year.

Let’s see the steps of Cloud migration

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to deliver successful Atlassian cloud migration projects, including:



Defining the scope of migration, mapping user requirements, identifying areas for further analysis, and highlighting potential problems.


Analysis & planning

Examining the current server and app environment (basic functions, accessories, add-ons), and identifying alternatives. Creating a migration plan.



Implementing pre-migration changes, cleaning up data, and making desired changes to improve the post-migration state.



Creating a set of steps for migration based on analysis results, testing, and iterating using tools and processes.


Test migration

Conducting internal and user tests to ensure data and functionality meet requirements. Resolving issues as needed.



Executing migration procedure using full production data. Providing post-migration support to resolve any outstanding issues.



Once the migration is complete, your administrators will be invited to a training session to learn about relevant changes. Migrating to the cloud ensures you stay within Atlassian’s stable ecosystem and continue to develop cross-team collaboration. Our cloud-certified consulting team is available for additional consulting and training services.


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Atlassian recognizes META-INF as a Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise. We have extensive experience with Jira Service Management as a powerful ITSM tool, combined with outstanding consulting, sales and technical services to Atlassian customers of every size and industry around the globe.

We meet the highest Atlassian requirements in Cloud, Data Center, Security, and Marketplace programs. Our deep understanding of Atlassian products enables us to deliver exceptional ITSM value to you.

Tap the expertise of our 8 certified Atlassian, cloud, ITSM and ITIL professionals. We can provide you with tailored ITSM consultancy, seamless implementation and cloud migration.

ITSM Specialized Partners are exceptional service management professionals with strong roots in IT and service delivery processes, as well as ITIL methodology and the deployment Atlassian products for enterprise-level customers.

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Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
Atlassian Consulting

In 2019, we implemented a Jira & Confluence-based PPM system at Richter, primarily to support project management. The META-INF team provided professional support during the implementation and operation, always finding solutions to our more complex questions.

Miklós Gondolovics
Head of IT PMO
Atlassian Consulting

We implemented Jira and Confluence with the help of META-INF. Working together has been efficient and inspiring, all our processes have become more transparent, and the quality of our service has improved. SLA measurements and Dashboard have increased our efficiency.

Áron Bóra
CEO and IT Leader
Atlassian Cloud Migration

Thanks to thorough planning and dedicated work, the migration project proceeded smoothly from start to finish, and our new system launched on time and operates flawlessly. The expertise and experience of the team played a significant role in this, greatly assisting us in our collaborative efforts. They always strived to find quick and acceptable solutions for unforeseen issues that arose.

Róbert Szabó
IT System Administrator
Rufusz Computer Informatika Zrt
Atlassian Consulting

We have been working with META-INF for more than two years. With their help, we have implemented JSM to unify IT ticketing for the group. Since then, we have worked with them on several similar projects. META-INF has provided a high level of support throughout.

Péter Bertha
IT Director

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