Atlassian Training

Courses for admins and users to unlock the real value of the Atlassian products. Various Jira and Confluence training.

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Shorten the learning curve and improve your productivity

Our Atlassian training are designed to help your team develop the necessary skills to make the most of your Atlassian tools. Whether you are new to Atlassian software or want to enhance your knowledge, our experienced trainers can help shorten your learning curve and improve your productivity. 

Full-stack training coverage

Agile project management, collaboration, customer support systems, Jira end-user or Jira administrator training. The topics are tailored to popular themes, building on our years of consulting experience, so everyone can find the training that best suits their skill level and interest.

Product Mastering for Email This Issue

Your admins at a different level can join our vendor training for Email this Issue for Jira to unlock the app's real value. Process emails in Jira like a Master:

  • Basic training for new app admins

  • Advanced training to deepen your knowledge

  • Custom training tailored to your needs

Custom training tailored to your needs

Our courses occur at pre-arranged times and locations, but we can also cater to individual needs. We are open to custom online training and webinars, as well. Reduce your team’s learning curve and acquire advanced professional skills.

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Project Management Training

This wasn't the first I participated in, and I'm sure it won't be the last. They are professionally prepared and helpful. I recommend this training to anyone looking to advance their career in project management or any field where they want to position themselves. Jira and Confluence will soon be in every company's toolbox.

Santana Somogyi Lorena
Collaboration effectively training

Very cool, useful knowledge was gained. It will deepen in practice, but we got a comprehensive picture with Jira, Cloud, and on-premise. + it was super that everything was prepared (shared space, accesses, etc.)

Collaboration training participant

I would recommend it, but it would look stupid because I work here... 😄

A secret META-INF Employee
Collaboration effectively training

It would be good for many project managers to help them work together.

Collaboration training participant
BigPicture training

I would highly recommend it. Very practical, and you can get a wide range of tools and a comprehensive approach from the training.

BigPicture training participant
Takarékbank Zrt.
BigPicture training

The training was exciting and understandable from start to finish. The examples and exercises were great for illustrating the functionality and usability of BigPicture. The presenter maintained focus throughout and provided ongoing opportunities to ask questions. I can only recommend him!

Ákos Földi
BigPicture training

An excellent extension of the basic Jira knowledge, covering a lot (both theoretical and practical).

Jira Admin

As a heavy user, I also got a lot of new information in the two days of training.

Jira Admin

I already had some experience in Jira administration, but the course helped me to systematize my knowledge and also covered a lot of new things that I always wanted to do but didn't know how to do at the time.

Jira Admin

I recommend the course; it takes you from the basics to the user level. The number and time of exercises are optimal, and the theory is sound.

Jira user
Data Center

Yes, I would recommend it because it introduces you to the basics of Jira in a very accessible way. Ideal for people who are new to JIRA

Jira User

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