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We help you with what we are good at to make the biggest impact!

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Every year, we implement Atlassian's efficiency solutions for at least 1 non-profit organization completely free of charge. If you feel you're eligible and we can help - read the more detailed offer :) - then apply by filling in the details below. If you know someone who might be interested, please send them a call.

We still have a lot of seconds... Scroll through your contacts and see if there is someone among them that you didn't think of at first but would be very happy if you sent them the offer.

What is the offer about?

  • We help you with your non-profit license application

  • We train your colleagues how to use and manage the system

  • We will support you for three months after the implementation

  • We commit to 100 working hours (we have implemented many solutions from scratch in less time, gladly used by small and large teams alike).

Who can apply?

Any non-profit organization in Hungary can apply who meets the Atlassian "Community License Request" requirements.

How can you apply?

  • Please complete the form at the bottom of the page and attach a PDF of the application.

  • When applying, please answer the following questions:

    • Brief introduction of your organization
    • Who are you, and what is your mission?
    • What is your team's motivation?
  • Where are you currently stuck? What can we do to help?

    • How can we help you with Atlassian tools?
    • How many team members would be affected, and what are their roles?
  • Impact

    • How many people in the world would the implementation have an impact on?
    • What would be the impact and the added value of introducing Atlassian products at your organization?
  • Engagement

    • From your side, how can you contribute to the project?

What do we expect in return?

    • Be proactive and collaborative, and dedicate internal resources to the tasks. We cannot work miracles from the outside alone. But what about together??!?!?! :)

    • After a successful launch, we would like to produce a written and video success story of our work together.

    • You will, of course, be able to use the materials we have produced.

    Where does this idea come from?

    Atlassian is a founding member of the Pledge 1% movement. When we heard about it, we knew for sure that we would happily join such an initiative.

    If you're interested in the movement, you can sign up here: http://info.pledge1percent.org/pledgenow

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I apply on behalf of someone else?

    No. If you know an organization for which this would be a good opportunity, please bring it to our attention. Still, the organization's senior officer must apply.

    How do you decide on the applications received?

    Submissions will be subject to a preliminary screening. If they do not meet the Atlassian criteria outlined above, or if we feel that we cannot achieve a significant impact on the organization by implementing Atlassian tools, the application will be rejected.

    All first-round applications will be subject to a wholly subjective decision involving all colleagues in the company. The subjective decision is essential to ensure that everyone is as fully on board with the project as possible, and we don't want to complicate the decision with overly complex mechanisms.

    Can I apply more than once?

    Each year, we plan to support - at least - one organization. If someone wins, they cannot apply again for two years. If your application is rejected, you can apply again the next time.

    When can you deal with us?

    It depends on exactly what solution we will be working on together. Project management, resource planning, development support, knowledge management, etc. - extremely diverse areas brought together by Atlassian solutions. Knowing the specific challenges will help us to see which of our colleagues will be most affected by the collaboration, and then we can make a more precise schedule.