Email This Issue for Jira

The bridge between Jira and Email.

Let your users and customers use what they love: email and Jira Service Management

Make your customer's life easier via email communication. Boost your service team’s productivity by enabling them to receive and respond to emails without leaving Jira. Keep your stakeholders up-to-date on changes without flooding them with unnecessary information.

Key features

Email Jira issues

Email This Issue lets you easily share issues and comments with your team members, customers, or other stakeholders via email. With just a few clicks, you can send an email with all the relevant details of an issue, including its summary, description, attachments, comments, and more.

Create Jira issues automatically from emails

Email This Issue includes a powerful Mail Handler to create Jira issues from incoming emails. It can automatically extract relevant information from the email through regular expressions, such as the issue summary, description, attachments, and even custom fields.

Improve your IT service desk

Email This Issue comes especially handy for support teams who receive a high volume of emails, as it can save time and reduce the risk of human error. The Mail Handler can be configured to handle different types of emails and create issues in various Jira projects, making it a flexible solution for your workflow.

Customize your emails

You can customize the email content and formatting via HTML to suit your needs and even automate email notifications for specific Jira events. Choose from a selection of pre-made templates or create your own templates for later use.

Are you tired of spending hours finding specific configurations in Email This Issue?

Do you find it challenging to check all email settings of a selected Jira project? Don’t worry! We have a solution for you. Email This Issue for Jira is now integrated with Glass Project Documentation. This native integration provides Email This Issue admins with a simplified overview of email settings in the selected Jira projects.

Key benefits

Improve your service management with an email channel inside Jira

Please your users by allowing them to use their favorite communication channel

Communicate with your customers without having them use Jira and without sacrificing productivity

Available in Data Center and Cloud

Extend Jira with advanced email functionalities

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Oumaima Laasri
Email This Issue for Jira

I have already tried both the Server and Cloud versions of Email This Issue. I used it as a Jira Administrator and I was very pleased with the wide range of automation options it provided us. It was perfect for our needs.

Senior Jira & Confluence administrator
Szabó Tibor
Email This Issue for Jira

In our experience Email This Issue for Jira really fits our needs. We never had any maintenance complexity, so if stability is important, I'd recommend using it for HR processes.
IT Operation Lead
David Meredith
Email This Issue for Jira

If you need the capability to email third parties via Jira this app is an absolute requirement. The features are great and allow you to fine tune mail handling per project. Attachment filtering is awesome and something I wish Atlassian would do to prevent attachments filling up with stupid logos.

Devoteam UK
Senior ITSM Consultant
Martin Ellwart
Email This Issue for Jira

We have been using this app (Email This Issue) for 5 years now. First as a server version and now in the cloud. We are very satisfied with the many possibilities. And if there was ever a problem, we got very good support.

mSE Solutions GmbH