Email This Issue Meta-Inf

Email This Issue for Jira

Enable people to use their favorite communication channel, without sacrificing productivity.
The bridge between Jira issues, tickets and email.

Email This Issue Meta-Inf

Email Jira Issues - Manually, Notifications, Workflows, Jira email to ticket

Send Jira issues in Email to anyone, including email addresses of external users,internal users, issue participants, roles, groups, custom fields, and more. Trigger by manual Email button, Jira Events, or Post Functions.

Send Custom Emails with Jira

Send Emails from tickets

Send automated emails using notifications or workflow post-functions, or keep in touch with people sending them one-off manual emails. Build and use custom issue notification templates for Jira, include variables and conditions.

Process emails - add Jira issues, comments, or more

Process incoming emails - create or comment Jira issues, upload attachment, trigger transition, set field, or completely ignore an email. Connect multiple email addresses to 1 project, achieve flawless support experience.

Process Emails with Jira

Receive Emails to tickets

Process incoming emails, create new Jira issues and comment existing ones, ignore emails based on the sender or other email attributes. Communicate with your customers without them ever having to use Jira.

Mail collaboration and email service desk made easy in Jira

With Email This issue you can extend your Jira incoming and outgoing Email functionalities in many ways, customize behaviour and content:

  • Customize outgoing email rules
  • Make your own, company-branded Templates
  • Send Emails manually
  • Send attachments
  • Process incoming emails with rules, create new issue or comment existing Jira issues
  • Control and Audit every email going through JETI
  • Complete freedom in configuration
Email This Issue Meta-Inf

Available in all platforms