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  • Atlassian in HR

    Szebelledi Alexandra

    Atlassian products are made for project and development teams. However, it would be a mistake to think that its usability stops here. 

    Sometimes the company can not afford to buy larger HR systems due to its size or simply the budget. Atlassian software are not free of course, but with one license it can be used in several areas.

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  • How to document Jira projects easily

    Kamil Beer

    Documenting Jira projects is underestimated, yet necessary if you’re managing complex use cases and multiple teams. While its value might not immediately seem clear, it becomes so over time: when an administrator leaves, when they have to transfer their work, join into a new project, full of arcane configuration, is to be migrated on production.

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  • Take care of your emails: understand what happens to them in Jira

    Balázs Lakatos

    Email communication was born in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson used the @ symbol for the first time on ARPANET to designate the destination of his electronic messages. The importance and the potential of email communication in a corporate environment and an insight into how to benefit from using Atlassian Jira and Email together. 

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