Dear Customer!

We hereby inform you that the following are only answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our product support service. You can access the current version of our GTC, which sets out in detail the conditions of our product support service, here.

What type of valid, active licenses is a user eligible for support for?

Commercial, Academic, Community, Classroom, Evaluation

What happens if the product support period for my license expires?

In this case, until the product support period is not renewed, you will not have access to upgrades, and unfortunately, we will not be able to provide product support for you.

Which products do we provide product support for?

We provide support for both paid and free applications developed by META-INF that are currently available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The list of our apps is also listed here.

For which versions do we provide product support?

You can find the list of supported versions via this link.

What topics does our product support service cover?

  • support regarding app installation problems;
  • support for troubleshooting issues with the app;
  • support with finding workarounds related to the app;
  • support in product-related technical questions in the following areas: Java regular expressions, Apache Velocity syntax;
  • support in understanding the functions, features, and possibilities of our apps (e.g., before purchasing or when discovering a previously unused module or feature);
  • contribution to the elaboration of a solution to meet user needs related to the app;
  • assistance with issues related to cross-platform (Data Center /Server-Cloud) migration

The service does not include the following:

  • product training (if you would like to use such service, you can request an offer at;
  • version upgrade of our apps;
  • support, including permission or configuration related inquiries, for issues related to Atlassian apps (such as Jira, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Software, Confluence);
  • support for users who do not have a valid license or active subscription for the app;
  • support related to other third-party apps;
  • support related to apps that have reached their end of support (for more information, see this page);
  • support related to apps that are installed on Atlassian products that have reached their end of support (for more information on product support provided by Atlassian, visit the Atlassian webpage);
  • Support for general, non-product-related questions that do not interfere with the operation of our apps (e.g., help with HTML formattings used in templates and writing custom Apache Velocity macros, solving problems related to email services, and configuring them). Exceptions to this section are the best practices shared in the official product documentation issued by META-INF in connection with our apps;
  • Correcting any issues or problems deriving from the manual modification of the product database. Exceptions to this section are modifications according to the solutions provided in the official product documentation issued by META-INF

Opening hours:

On weekdays (Monday-Friday), between 9 AM and 5 PM Central European Time (CET/CEST). We do not provide the service on weekends, public holidays, and Hungarian national holidays.

Hungarian national holidays: (1st of January - New Years Eve; 15th of March - Remembrance day of the revolution of 1848; Good Friday and Easter Monday; 1st of May - Labor Day; Pentecost; 20th of August - Day of the founding of the state; 23rd of October - Remembrance day of the 1956 revolution; 1st of November - All Saints Day; 25-26th of December - Christmas).

Where can I contact you?

The fastest way to contact us is to submit a request via our Customer Portal

You can also contact us by email at

How and in what form do you provide product support?

As a general rule, requests are investigated through written communication.

We may also organize screen share sessions in specific cases where our product support specialists deem it necessary.

Our support team is available in English and Hungarian languages.

We would like to inform you that any information we obtain in the course of investigating a request will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the purpose of providing successful assistance.

How quickly do you respond?

We undertake to respond to requests submitted to us within 48 hours (i.e., within 16 working hours) of receipt. However, this does not mean that the request will be resolved within that timeframe. We cannot provide a precise time estimate for the entire investigation and resolution of individual requests and problems.

What information do we need from you for efficient case management?

To help you as quickly and as efficiently as possible, please send us the following information when you reach out to us regardless of the contact method (e.g., either in a request via the Customer Portal or in an email)

  • in relation to which of our apps you are contacting us
  • the version of the Atlassian (Jira / Confluence) core product;
  • the version of the app you contact us about;
  • the date of the first detection of the problem;
  • a detailed description of the problem;
  • the SEN number linked to the app license.

In addition, in most cases, we will also need the following details to investigate the problem:

  • configuration data and screenshots;
  • log files;
  • original emails;
  • HTML templates (if any); user information related to consents (e.g., linking privacy policy)

Please note that we can not guarantee the elimination of errors that are non-reproducible in our test environments.