Published Attila Gáspár | 2021-05-12

After some important milestones, we are proud to announce that META-INF has been named Gold Vendor at the Atlassian Marketplace.

First of all, we would like to say a special thank you to all of our customers. One of the most important requirements of this level is to attain a significant number of customers at the Marketplace, so actually, it is your merit.

Some years ago as an Atlassian Solution Partner we reached the highest level of qualification in the World: Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise. At that moment, we were looking forward to being recognized as Gold Vendors too.
We always balanced our resources between our consultancy and app development sides since both were very important for us. We think these two roles brilliantly complement each other and make us very special. There are not many companies like us in this manner, there is only one in the neighbouring countries.

What road has led us to the Gold Vendor level?

  • 2007 - our very first app released. It was sold by the vendor because there wasn't a Marketplace at that time :)
  • 2012 - it was a very successful year:
    • Email This Issue got commercial and joined the Atlassian Marketplace among the first apps
    • Bug Watcher Notifications was born and won Atlassian's annual Codegeist competition as the best overall add-on
  • 2014 - we brought Email This Issue to the Atlassian Summit in San Jose as a Bronze sponsor
  • 2015 - our first Cloud apps, Email This Issue for Jira and Content Exporter for Confluence is available on the Marketplace
  • 2016 - we are named Platinum Solution Partners
  • 2019 - our first Data Center approved app - Email This Issue for Jira - becomes available
  • 2019 - our first international partner and customer gathering in Las Vegas
  • 2020 - we made our first company acquisition and became even more efficient with the excellence of a powerful software quality team
  • 2020 - now we have more than 6.000.000 licensed customers from more than 6.000 organizations from all around the World

As you can see it was not only one big jump, but a long journey.

Why is it important to our customers?

If you use one of our Atlassian Apps, you can expect better products as we got a dedicated Technical Partner Manager who will help us enhance our collaboration with Atlassian.

If you are customer of our Solution Partner department (implementation project, training, etc) you can except even deeper understanding of the Atlassian ecosystem from us, thanks to the closer relationship with Atlassian and the world class vendors.

What is next?

We work hard to improve our products and invest a lot in becoming even more efficient ourselves.

New Cloud and DC apps

We are planning to release the Cloud and DC versions of our popular and rising stars apps. Glass Project Documentation for Jira is an app of big hopes, it will be available in Cloud soon. Advanced Children Display for Confluence is our 3rd most popular app, currently available only on Server, but our team have already started to adopt it to DC and Cloud as well.

More powerful and reliable Cloud infrastructure

We are reinventing the way how we think about DevOps, and we expect to reach a much more efficient development infrastructure and an even better system for our Cloud apps. Our aim is to join to Atlassian Bugbounty program with every each of our Apps, to improve the reliability.

Partner Program and better documentation

On the top of that, we introduced our product Partner Program, and we started to reinvent our documentation with a tech writing expert partner to reach better content and user experience for our users.

With your continuous invaluable loyalty and with our efforts and investments, we may become Platinum Vendor at some point. This is our goal now and it is going to be a mutual success once achieved.

Keep in touch with us in 2021 as well!

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