Published Eszter Kecskés D. | 2023-05-09

It is important to us that any changes to our general terms and conditions are transparent to our customers. You can access our General Terms and Conditions here:

The following changes have been made to our General Terms and Conditions:

  1. We have extended the cases where we do not enter into a separate Individual Order but, by accepting the offer we send to you, you accept the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions under which we provide our services.

  2. It becomes mandatory that the Customer is obliged do make back up from its system in all cases. META-INF shall not be liable for any damage resulting from failure to do so.

  3. We have specified the scope of our obligation to provide our service.

  4. In relation to our support service, we have introduced a new additional service, the Service Card, the reference to which is included in the GTC.

The effective date of these changes is the day after the publication of this blog post.

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