Published Dániel Marczisovszky | 2019-05-03

The original idea of Ultimate Permission Manager stemmed from a consultancy project. One of our customers was anxious about the information potentially leaking, as they weren't sure who could view a rather sensitive Confluence page. This quickly made us realize the importance of permission transparency, in a time when there weren't any all-round solutions for this.

During the creation of a custom macro and a private add-on, we've had a vision to make this solution available for the whole Confluence community!

We set a goal to create a publicly available app on the Atlassian Marketplace which we believed would become a must-have solution for each and every Confluence team in the world. We created an online quiz called the Ultimate Permission Challenge, contributed to online training materials, catalyzed Meetups and conference presentations on Confluence Permissions. We worked hard to let everyone know about the importance of permission settings of Confluence and information management in general.

It took us months and years of research, tireless learning, questioning the status-quo, rewriting the core parts from the ground several times to meet the needs of even the largest Confluence customers with multi-node Data Center clusters. We are very proud of the high quality and fully functioning features we delivered.

Our hard work, endurance and faith have made our vision come true... in a different, unexpected, but beautiful way :)

Atlassian has acquired our app which means that the most popular features can be integrated into Confluence Data Center.

We are honored to help make Confluence even better with the fruits of our labor and feel that this is the perfect time to thank everyone who helped us achieve such an unbelievable result.

Thank you to all of our customers, evaluators, colleagues and friends who helped this project to be successful, and of course, Atlassian for their trust and efforts in making this happen.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our partners and the fellow vendors we work closely with for sharing so much knowledge with us, letting us share our learnings with you, and helping us evolve as individuals and as a company.

Goodbye Ultimate Permission Manager, we are excited for you to serve the greater good with Atlassian!

Although one of our apps has moved on, we develop all of our apps with the same care and passion:

To stay up-to-date with our apps, you can check out our Marketplace vendor page here.

Happy collaboration to everyone!

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