We are happy and proud to announce that Atlassian has qualified us as Verified Vendor! We are the only one in Hungary as of now!

"Ok, congrats!" - you could say - "But what's in it for me?"

More than you could imagine! Let me sum up the criteria Atlassian requires all vendors to meet to become Atlassian Verified and how we meet them.

This is a tough requirement hard to meet. It means vendors have a massive customer base, in other words they are important part and contributor of the Atlassian ecosystem.

We have two such a product:

Atlassian product compatibility quaranteed

Vendors must guarantee that all of their Paid via Atlassian addons are made compatible with the latest versions of Atlassian products in 14 days after their release.

Be assured we work hard and devoted to meet this requirements.

Documentation and Support URLs

Vendors must publish their support and documentation URLs for all Paid-via-Atlassian addons and allow anyone register in a support system and submit questions, problem reports, or feature requests.

Our documentation and support URLs are available here:

Transparent Support conditions and SLAs

Vendors must provide clear conditions and SLAs they undertake and guarantee for their customers.

Our support is available at least 8 hours a day, 5 working days a week in our local time zone for all paid-via-Atlassian add-ons.

We use JIRA to resolve and track customer reported bugs and feature requests, for all paid-via-Atlassian add-ons.

Feel free to reach us with questions, requests or reports. We will listen.

Emergency Contact

Vendors must provide 24/7 emergency contact channel towards Atlassian and guarantee response time not more than 15 minutes in case something goes really wrong or critical concerning the Paid-via-Atlassian addons.

We have established a direct telephone and email hotline that Atlassian regularly tests to see if we keep our promise to respond in 15 minutes. So far we succeeded :)

What comes next?

This is not the beginning - but a very remarkable milestone - of a beautiful friendship (Source: Black cat white cat :) ) and a guarantee of proficiency our customers can trust! :)

Confluence permission? Content export needs? E-mail collaboration in JIRA? Or decreasing e-mail notifications?

Check our Atlassian addons now, maybe one of them is an answer for your problem to be solved.

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