“What am I supposed to do now that Atlassian is canceling the Server platform?”

This is the question everyone is asking ever since Atlassian made the announcement. It’s game-changing not only to vendors but also to every company using the Server version - big or small. So at the sixth META-INF Atlassian Day, we searched for the answers with the help of the world’s leading Atlassian experts and vendors.

“Fly Me to the moon,” said Frank Sinatra; in other words...“Fly Me to the Cloud”!

“I’m looking forward to walking you through Atlassian’s vision and strategy to succeed in the Cloud,” said Anna Barry, Atlassian’s Lead Technical Manager, during her keynote presentation. It’s always fascinating to hear from the company itself that makes the decisions, such as ending the Server platform. She promised us that using the Cloud version will deliver us a much better experience. “We [Atlassian] are heavily investing in the Cloud to ensure the capabilities to support both small and medium businesses to enterprise organizations.”

Why Atlassian Cloud?

She explained that it comes down to 3 key elements:

  • Time to value
  • ROI
  • Innovation

Atlassian promises that migration to Cloud from Server will improve these aspects of your business.

Attila Gáspár, Co-CEO of META-INF, pointed out that not only the users of Jira had to adapt, but the creators of the addons of Jira too. In his keynote presentation, he shed light on how, as an Atlassian Vendor, his sales changed since Atlassian’s announcement of ending the life of the Server version in October 2020. Before October 2020, most of the sales came from selling addons to improve the Server platform. After the announcement, this dropped drastically, and the Cloud sales went up. As owners of Email This Issue for Jira, Glass Project Documentation - to mention a couple of our products - META-INF had to rethink the strategy and adapt to the new circumstances. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we also had to take care of our astounded partners. Attila shared a few secrets in his presentation, which you can check out here.

Attila Gáspár during his keynote presentation

Many accomplished Vendors and Customers of Atlassian joined us on the 6th META-INF Atlassian Day! Everyone was there to share their experience and talk about their challenges and their triumphs. It was a love-fest for Atlassian admirers!

Atlassian Cloud & Data Center workshops

To help the Jira users, we held two workshops from zero to hero about Atlassian Data Center & Atlassian Cloud. Our experts shared the tricks and know-how of Atlassian Cloud and Data Center during these 8-hour workshops.

A couple of feedbacks we got from the participants:

"It was very detailed and apprehensible with the right amount of background knowledge!"

"After this course, we'll be more confident changing to Atlassian Data Center from Atlassian Server! We can see what tasks are ahead of us and what we have to improve on!"

Asking the top Atlassian vendors from your couch!

In our opinion, one of the biggest challenges of participating in an online conference is not being able to ask the presenting experts the questions directly. The solution was a live Q&A where Tibor Hegyi, Co-CEO of META-INF, accompanied all the presenting experts. Then, through Slack, the viewers could ask questions, and the answer came right from the source!

Tibor Hegyi during the live Q&A

Time is money, as the overly used saying states

Time management is one of the most complex problems to solve. Hungary’s most loved Jira time tracking tool - Tempo - joined us to help us! They explained how to leverage Tempo Timesheets to track, understand, and report on time value accurately. With the help of this presentation, you can improve your business strategy and make better decisions! If you missed it, check it out here!

How to run toward success with ScriptRunner

Improving your ITSM/ESM processes is always key to success. Phill Fox from Adaptavist showed us how to boost your Service Management with the help of scripted fields, extended JQL, listeners, and more. He explained how to improve triage, reduce noise, and focus on the important information and the actual gains of using ScriptRunner. “Even with a simple implementation, which took about fours hours to implement, returned over 10 times in efficiency gain over the next year”, tells Fox.

Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid methodology?

When using the waterfall technique, you thought that it would bring the Hawaiian vibes and calmness? Or is it just me who always pictures this after hearing the word “waterfall”? Anyways.... using the waterfall model is used in the project management field for decades now. It’s reliable, but in this fast-moving world, it’s not always the best strategy. You have to react to change as soon as possible. I’m 100% sure you’ve heard it now, but agile is your friend! Marek Lewandowski from BigPicture pointed out that even though a survey showed that 95% of companies are using agile development methods if you look at the specific areas of organizations, it presents a slightly different picture. “A growing number of organizations are embracing agility to improve delivery, increase speed and enhance customer and employee experience,” said Lewandowski. But it’s essential to keep in mind that transformation to agile is a massive change, which requires lots of planning. If you missed BigPicture’s take on how to make agile and non-agile teams cooperate effectively, check this video out! Please let us know in the comments under the YouTube video how YOU are trying to blend classic, hybrid and agile methods using Jira!

Hungarian Atlassian Community

Our mission is not only to bring together the Hungarian Atlassian Community but also to nurture it. We came up with the idea of a Hungarian Slack community, where all the participants could connect and talk. It’s not a secret that networking is one of the main goals of the META-INF Atlassian Days; through Slack, we can achieve this while having an online conference. Don’t hesitate to join us in on the fun! If you would like to be part of this community, you can do so here.

The daily dose of Atlassian knowledge

Honestly, we can’t have enough talk about how to improve our Atlassian, Jira, Confluence knowledge. So, if you are like us but can’t get the dose of Atlassian, you would like to get… check out our YouTube channel! We uploaded ALL of the presentations, keynotes from ALL of the META-INF Atlassian Days and Hungarian Atlassian Meetups! If you have any questions while watching the videos, feel free to leave a comment! Our team will get back to you!

Cannot wait to see you!

If the regulations let us, we would looooooove to have you at our next META-INF Atlassian Day in person! :) Save the date: 7-9. June 2022! If you would like to get notifications of our events, join our meetup group!

What presentations would you love to see? Let us know via info@meta-inf.hu!


Photos taken by Balázs Csiszár

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