What is Email This Issue for Jira exactly?

To this day, email is one of the most frequently used communication forms. It beats the up-and-coming chat tools because it's easy to use and is well-known, and for this reason, companies worldwide use it as the main form of communication. Jira is used for task-tracking and customer support activities, but its email notification schemes don't fulfill most needs. In 2007, one of the themes for the Codegeist competition (which is sponsored by Atlassian) was the basic concept of Email This Issue for Jira.

It's essential to understand what happens to your emails in Jira. We wanted to integrate the world of email with Jira to create the most efficient email communication with Jira.

Using Email This Issue for Jira, you could send emails as easily as if you were just using your Gmail account. The users can share the fields and the data of a given issue with all of the stakeholders.

The emails are entirely customizable in regards to looks and content. The process works in both ways. Email This Issue for Jira connects to the mail account and downloads, processes, and creates an issue/comment of the incoming email. In addition to manual emails, it is possible to create notifications and automated emails.

What initiated the change?

Several of our customers with a larger number of users have started using Email This Issue for Jira quite intensively. They have implemented critical processes with Email This Issue that is essential to their business to run continuously and error-free. Unfortunately, in the world of email, many mistakes outside of us - the developers of Email This Issue for Jira - can come in. We develop the application, we do our best to create a smooth experience, but there are factors outside of us. The connection to the mail account is beyond our control, but it won't be possible to send or receive emails if lost. We think that it's essential to notify the administrators in time.

Sit back and think about this situation:

> The Jira admin changes the password to the mail account but forgets to note it in Jira. Email This Issue for Jira then tries to download the incoming emails but fails to do so. Our problem was that we weren't able to notify the administrators in time. They could have seen it in Email This Issue for Jira, but let's be honest... nobody checks it every 5 minutes. The users start to notice and suffer the consequences of the time-out. They notify the admin, but hours or even days later than when the problem occurred. Just think about how many important emails they missed during this time...

After three months of planning and developing, we found the solution!

Let us introduce the new Email This Issue for Jira.

We had to find a way to notify the Jira administrators and let them know what happened. We can't send them an email because...well the email system does not work. Our solution is sending a notification via Slack or Opsgenie, which are widely used in the Atlassian circles. Opsgenie is used for monitoring your processes, and it flags errors. So if it finds an error, it notifies the administrator on duty via SMS, phone call, etc.

The administrator can configure Opsgenie, Slack, and every other software with a REST API.

Whenever there is a time-out in the mail server, the administrator gets a notification in 1 minute. Every. Single. Time. We got you covered! And this level of security makes Email This Issue for Jira stand out.

What are we planning on improving in the future?

In the short and medium term, we plan to renew the Mail Handler and the UI of the Cloud and BTF (DC and server) and the Cloud versions. We already announced that the classic mail handler is going to be removed; check this video about the Next-Gen mail handler. We will have our next webinar on Aug 27, 2021, at 15:00 CEST on Zoom.

Right now, the interface of the BTF (DC and Server) and the Cloud version is different. We want to change that. Get ready for a new, easy-to-understand, and beautiful user interface.

Ever since Atlassian's announcement, our best-selling product is Email This Issue for Jira's Cloud version. We want to make it easy for you guys to migrate from Server and Data Center to Cloud via our new migration tool. The development is starting now!

Right after this, we are going to create Email This Issue for Jira Cloud at Scale. This change will enable us to cater to an infinite number of customers without compromising the system’s stability.

Thank you for choosing us. It’s truly an honor. We want to create the best Jira - email experience for you. Stay tuned for the changes!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via our customer portal!

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